EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Rich Clusters in Massive Star Forming Regions

Gozde Saral
UNIGE, Geneva, SW
Massive stars play a vital role in the star formation process in embedded clusters, yet their own formation and their effects on subsequent generations of star formation are not well understood. In this contribution, we present the young stellar object populations and the groups/clusters they are forming in massive star forming regions W49, W43, and W51.
Caption: Each YSO cluster in W51 (left) and W49 (right) massive star-forming regions is shown with a different color. RGB image is in Spitzer/IRAC bands (Red: 8.0, Green: 4.5, and Blue: 3.6 μm)
J. Hora, CfA, US
X. Koenig, YU, US
M. Audard, UNIGE, SW
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Suggested Session: Cluster Formation