EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
An ALMA view of B59: from collapsing cores to pre-Kuiper Belt structures

Felipe Alves
MPE, Garching, DE
ALMA has opened a new perspective on the observations of young stellar objects and protoplanetary disks. In this contribution, we report ALMA observations of B59 at 30 AU spatial resolution. Our data reveal substructures in Class 0/I/II objects with impressive detail. While the molecular line data is consistent with kinematical variations across distinct physical scales, the polarization show ordered magnetic fields in circumstellar disks.
G. Franco, UFMG, BR
J. Girart, ICE, ES
W. Vlemmings, OSO, SE
D. Galli, INAF, IT
A. Hacar, U. Vienna, AT
H. Wiesemeyer, MPIfR, DE
P. Caselli, MPE, DE
Suggested Session: Disk Formation