EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
The early phases of massive stellar feedback: confronting observations radiation pressure, winds and SNe with radiative MHD simulations

Eric Pellegrini
ITA/ZAH, Heidelberg, DE
Observational constraints of feedback from massive have progressed to quantitative measurements of the most dynamically important physical processes: radiation pressure, stellar wind and SNe. However, observations are limited to only a few massive star forming regions, such as 30 Dor, which only offer a snapshot in time and after significant evolution.
I will present the first 3D radiative MHD simulations to account for all significant stellar feedback mechanisms and chemistry. We reproduce the evolution of a 30Dor type environment (0.1 to 100pc) for the first 10Myr, and provide diagnostics of the contribution of each physical processes to the dynamics and chemistry. I will discuss these results in the context of environments ranging from embedded massive clusters to high SFRD galaxies.
Caption: A comparison of the 3D structure, as seen in PDR and ionized gas tracers. Left: A proof of concept simulation from Baczynski et al. 2015. This has more idealized initial conditions than our tailored runs designed to reproduce the complex structure of 30Dor (right).
S. Glover, ITA/ZAH, DE
R. Klessen, ITA/ZAH, DE
D. Rahner, ITA/ZAH, DE
C. Baczynski, U St Andrews, GB
Suggested Session: Stellar Feedback