EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Precessing jets from warping accretion disks in binary systems

Christian Fendt
MPIA, Heidelberg, DE
I will present results of the first ever 3D MHD jet launching simulations considering the transition from accretion to ejection. Compared to axisymmetric simulations the mass fluxes change slightly. We have in particular investigated jet launching in binary systems applying a 3D gravitational potential (Roche potential). We find indication for the onset of jet precession triggered by disk precession for binary systems in which the accretion disk of the jet launching star is misaligned with the orbital plane of the binary.
Caption: Disk and jet alignment and the onset of precession
S. Sheikhnezami, MPIA/IPM, IR
D. Stepanovs, MPIA, DE
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Suggested Session: Stellar Feedback