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The MPIA conference series
at Ringberg Castle
The MPIA conference series
at Ringberg Castle
EPoS 2016 Program
  S U N D A Y 26 June 2016  
17:00 Start of the registration
17:20 Arrival of the airport shuttle bus
19:45 Dinner
21:00 Euro2016 soccer live
  M O N D A Y 27 June 2016  
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-09:15 15+0 Organizers Welcome and Introduction
09:15-09:45 30+0 Hans Zinnecker The legacy of Francesco Palla (1954-2016)
Chair Diederik Kruijssen Galactic Star Formation and Molecular Clouds
09:45-10:25 30+10 Eve Ostriker Galactic-Scale Star Formation
10:25-10:50 Coffee break
10:50-11:30 30+10 Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni Molecular Clouds: a collapsing paradigm
11:30-12:00 30 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Andi Burkert)
12:00-12:30 30 POSTER SESSION
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Chair Richard Crutcher Turbulence and Filaments
14:00-14:40 30+10 Jouni Kainulainen The Rise and Fall(?) of Turbulence
14:40-15:20 30+10 Rowan Smith Beads on a string: Filaments and star formation
15:20-15:50 20+10 Philippe Andre The role of interstellar filaments in regulating the star formation efficiency in dense gas
15:50-16:20 Coffee break
16:20-16:50 20+10 Doris Arzoumanian The observed properties of a filament system in Orion B
16:50-17:20 20+10 Alvaro Hacar Filament kinematics: from low- to high-mass star-forming clouds
17:20-17:50 20+10 Phil Myers Lumpy filaments in a turbulent medium
17:50-18:30 40 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Vera Koenyves)
18:30 Dinner
21:00 Euro2016 soccer live
  T U E S D A Y 28 June 2016  
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
Chair Eugenio Schisano Cluster Formation
09:00-09:40 30+10 Charles Lada Embedded Clusters and Star Formation
09:40-10:10 20+10 Matthew Bate Combining radiative transfer and a diffuse ISM model to simulate star cluster formation
10:10-10:40 20+10 Claudia Cyganowski Simultaneous low- and high-mass star formation in massive protoclusters: ALMA results
10:40-11:10 Coffee break
11:10-11:40 20+10 Helen Kirk Dense Core Mass Segregation in Orion A and B
11:40-12:30 50 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Joao Alves)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Chair Vera Koenyves Cores, Collapse and Fragmentation
14:00-14:40 30+10 Rachel Friesen Cores and Collapse
14:40-15:10 20+10 Sibylle Anderl CALYPSO studies of the CO snow line in young low-mass protostars
15:10-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-16:00 20+10 Michael Dunham MASSES: An SMA Large-Scale Program Surveying Protostars to Reveal How Stars Gain their Mass
16:00-16:30 20+10 Juergen Steinacker Modeling the core-filament system L1689B: what to learn from spherical cylinders and the filament mass function
16:30-17:10 30+10 Qizhou Zhang Fragmentation and protocluster formation
17:10-17:40 30 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Henrik Beuther)
17:40-18:30 50 POSTER SESSION
18:30 Dinner
  W E D N E S D A Y 29 June 2016  
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
Chair Harold Yorke From Low- to High-Mass Star Formation
09:00-09:40 30+10 Thomas Henning From low- to high-mass star formation
09:40-10:10 20+10 Eric Keto Comparing Accretion in Low and High Mass Star Formation
10:10-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:20 30+10 Peter Schilke High-Mass Star Formation
11:20-11:50 20+10 Katharine Johnston A Keplerian-like disk around the forming O-type star AFGL 4176
11:50-12:30 40 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Hendrik Linz)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Chair Hans Zinnecker Magnetic Fields
14:00-14:40 30+10 Martin Houde Measurements of Magnetic Fields in the Early Phase of Star Formation
14:40-15:10 20+10 Richard Crutcher The Next Major Step in Zeeman Studies of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation Regions
15:10-15:40 Coffee break
15:40-16:10 20+10 Chris McKee The Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation
16:10-16:40 20+10 Juan-Diego Soler The magnetic field morphology in nearby molecular clouds
16:40-17:20 40 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Fumitaka Nakamura)
17:20-18:30 30+40 Tim de Zeeuw
ESO Director General
ESO's program: status and prospects
18:30 Dinner
  T H U R S D A Y 30 June 2016  
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
Chair Richard Klein Disk Formation
09:00-09:40 30+10 John Tobin Revealing the Origins of Disks:
Delving into Innermost Regions of Protostellar Systems
09:40-10:10 20+10 Felipe Alves An ALMA view of B59: from collapsing cores to pre-Kuiper Belt structures
10:10-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:10 20+10 Henrik Beuther Fragmentation and massive disk formation
11:10-11:50 40 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Mike Dunham)
Chair Rolf Kuiper Stellar Feedback
11:50-12:30 30+10 Hector Arce Stellar Feedback During the Early Stages of Star Formation
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 20+10 Joao Alves The Ophiuchus complex and the role of feedback
14:30-15:00 20+10 Adam Ginsburg The effects and extent of feedback on dense prestellar gas near proto-OB stars
15:00-15:30 30 DISCUSSION (Moderator: Patrick Hennebelle)
15:30-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-17:10 80 Richard Klein
Andi Burkert
Hans Zinnecker
Focus Group 1: (Chair: Joseph Mottram)
The Formation of Star Clusters: Theory Confronts Observation
Chat Hull
Baobab Liu
Focus Group 2: (Chair: Hendrik Linz)
Magnetic fields and polarization in young stellar objects: interpreting the next generation of observations and simulations
17:10-17:20 Changing rooms
17:20-18:40 80 Rolf Kuiper
Patrick Hennebelle
Diederik Kruijssen
Anna McLeod
Focus Group 3: (Chair: Sibylle Anderl)
The multi-scale nature and physical mechanisms of stellar feedback
Matthias Gridschneder
Seamus Clarke
Eugenio Schisano
Ke Wang
Focus Group 4: (Chair: Juergen Steinacker)
Filaments, their formation, properties and evolution
18:40 Bavarian Evening
21:00 Euro2016 soccer live
  F R I D A Y 1 July 2016  
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
Chair Nami Sakai Chemistry
09:00-09:40 30+10 Ewine van Dishoeck Astrochemistry: the past and next 10 years
09:40-10:10 20+10 Aurore Bacmann The spatial distribution of complex organic molecules in prestellar cores
10:10-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:00 15+5 Poster Contest Winner:
Anna McLeod
Observing massive star formation feedback: what optical and near-infrared integral field spectroscopy can do for you
11:00-11:50 50 FINAL DISCUSSION (Moderator: Matthew Bate)
11:50-12:30 40+0 Harold Yorke Conference summary
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00 Departure of the airport shuttle bus