The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2014 Objectives
Many orders of magnitude in scale lie between the motions within a galaxy creating giant molecular clouds and the local site where stars are forming from a cloud core. Yet, with simulations and observations increasing their bandwith in scale resolution we start probing the relation between the large-scale initial conditions of star formation and the properties of the young stellar objects in their earliest phase.

EPoS 2014 aims to update our views on the onset of star formation with a focus on connecting large and small scale processes.

Both early formation of stars from the low- to the high-mass regime are considered. Individual astrophysical topics of interest are: triggered star formation, clustered star formation, cores, chemistry, collapse, fragmentation, jets, competitive accretion, giant molecular clouds, binarity, magnetic fields, initial mass function, turbulence, X-rays, and early phases of disks.
The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.