The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
FG 1
The physics underpinning multi-scale, spatially-resolved star formation relations

Convenors: Diederik Kruijssen, Andi Burkert
Chair: Markus Nielbock
11:20-11:35Andi BurkertIntroduction
11:35-11:45Paolo PadoanThe role and the origin of the virial parameter
11:45-11:55Sergio MolinariCharacterising basic ingredients for a bottom-up Galaxy-scale SF recipe
11:55-12:05Rowan SmithMolecular Cloud Environments from Galactic Scale Simulations
12:05-12:10Diederik KruijssenAn uncertainty principle for star formation

FG 2
Characterizing cloud structure in observations and simulations

Convenors: Thomas Robitaille, Adam Ginsburg
Chair: Juergen Steinacker
11:20-11:30Thomas RobitailleIntroduction
11:30-11:38Clare DobbsLarge scale HI and CO maps from simulations and observations
11:38-11:46Anna McLeodExtracting observables from simulations of star forming clouds including stellar feedback
11:46-11:54Josep GirartMagnetic fields from large to small scales: How can we connect them?
11:54-12:02Alvaro HacarFriends-In-VElocity - A filament-finding tool
12:02-12:10Ke WangHierarchical Structures and Kinematics of a 30 pc IR-dark Filament

FG 3
A Comparison of star formation in the Galactic center and the Galactic disk>

Convenor: Eric Keto
Chair: Hendrik Linz
14:00-14:16Eric KetoIntroduction
14:16-14:25Adam GinsburgA comparison of cm-wavelength H2CO observations in the CMZ (specifically, the Brick) vs. in W51
14:25-14:34Katharine JohnstonThe structure and star-forming fate of the Galactic centre cloud G0.253+0.016
14:34-14:43Christine KoepferlThe Star-formation Rate of the Central Molecular Zone determined from Young Stellar Objects
14:43-14:52Diederik KruijssenThe extreme environment of the CMZ: suppressed star formation and an absolute-time sequence of star-forming clouds

FG 4
Interstellar Turbulence as a Bridge Connecting Large and Small Scale Processes

Convenors: Alexei Kritsuk, Andi Burkert
Chair: Sarah Ragan
14:00-14:15Alexei KritsukIntroduction
14:15-14:25Diederik KruijssenTurbulence in high-pressure environments: the Galactic centre and high-redshift galaxies
14:25-14:35Chat HullDoes turbulence cause the misalignment of outflows and magnetic fields in protostellar cores?
14:35-14:45Juergen SteinackerThe puzzle of connecting filament-scale turbulence and core center turbulence
14:45-14:55Paolo PadoanInertial-range statistics of SN-driven turbulence
The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.