The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2012 Posters

Name Suggested Contribution
Hans Zinnecker Do all massive stars form in clusters?
Hendrik Linz The onset of star formation in IRDCs: From embedded Herschel point sources to
Martin Hennemann Cloud structure and (high-mass) star formation rate: HOBYS Herschel observations of massive ridges, their feeding subfilaments, and the evolution of massive dense cores
Jens Kauffmann The Density Structure of Clouds: Large Samples, Star Formation Thresholds, and Theoretical Models
Jouni Kainulainen Column density probability distributions as probes of atomic and molecular gas in the star-forming ISM.
Tatiana Vasyunina Chemical composition and chemical processes in IRDCs
Thomas Troland The Role of Magnetic Fields in Galactic GMCs
Annie Hughes Giant Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in M51
Paolo Padoan The Star Formation Rate of Molecular Clouds
Andrea Bracco Observing the magnetic field structure in the ISM with Planck
Jaime Pineda The Barnard 5 Star-forming Core: Embedded Filaments Revealed
Simon Glover Is molecular gas necessary for star formation?
Sarah Ragan From clouds to cores: kinematics in infrared-dark clouds
Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni Is the observed Galactic star formation rate compatible with gravitationally collapsing molecular clouds?
Hua-bai Li The Link between Magnetic Fields, Filamentary Clouds and Star Formation Efficiency
Amelia Stutz A new population of protostars discovered by Herschel
Shih-Ping Lai Discovery of Toroidal Magnetic Fields around Protostars in NGC1333 IRAS 4A from Dust Polarization Measurements
Morten Andersen A star cluster in its early stages
Benoit Commerçon Collapse of massive magnetized dense cores using radiation magnetohydrodynamics: early fragmentation inhibition
Eric Keto Simplified oxygen-carbon chemistry in cold starless cores
Alvaro Hacar Formation of dense cores in Taurus by fragmentation of velocity-coherent filaments
Daniel Seifried Disk formation in turbulent cores: Circumventing the magnetic braking catastrophe
Nami Sakai Chemical Diversity and its Evolution from Class 0 to Class I
Fumitaka Nakamura A Burst of Molecular Outflows From the Serpens South Protocluster
Rainer Mauersberger ALMA Commissioning and Science Verification and Early Science
Jochen Tackenberg Starless clumps and the influence of near-by high-mass star formation
Konstantinos Tassis Molecular Chemistry as a Probe of Pre-Stellar Core Dynamics: An Unprecedented Exploration of Models
Alex Lazarian Reconnection Diffusion: Fast Removal of Magnetic Field during Star Formation
Simon Bihr Temperature, kinematics and turbulence of infrared dark clouds (IRDCs) at high spatial resolution
Sami Dib Feedback Regulated Star Formation
Eli Bressert What the Spatial Distribution of Massive Stars tells us about Star Formation and the IMF
Steven Longmore HOPS + MALT90 + Hi-GAL: Probing star formation on a Galactic scale through mm molecular line and far-IR continuum Galactic plane surveys
Andreas Burkert Self-regulated star formation in galaxy and the evolution of the molecular web
The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.