EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Velocity barrier of matter and antimatter in early universe

Uday Rajput
Dr.H.S.Gour university, Sagar (m.p.), India
In the early universe the matter and antimatter formed in the same quantity. The speeds sparked in the early universe with the formation of matter and anti-matter. As soon as the matter and antimatter formed, the extensive attraction existing amongst the two created speeds. These speeds were linear in the preliminary seconds, but according to the basic principles of physics, the matter and antimatter resists the alteration in its state, and when the speeds began increasing because of the attraction, the matter and antimatter in order to resist this, started revolving on their respective axis, and thus began the rotation. Rotational speed played a special roll in important roll in the early universe. As soon as the matter and antimatter began rotating, "restriction areas” were generated around all the massive objects. Those objects around which "light and matter restriction" area existed became black holes, and those objects around which only "matter restriction" area existed, transformed into either stars or planets. Why were "restriction areas" are generated around all the matter and antimatter? How our universe was born? Where did the antimatter formed during the genesis of the universe go? Why was the need of dark matter and dark energy felt? How stars, black holes and galaxies formed?
T. Shweta, dr.h.s.gour., India