EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Numerical simulations of multiple clouds interacting with a shock

Robertas Aluzas
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
In self-propagating star formation feedback from massive stars induces further star formation in the galaxy. However, flows and shocks created by the massive stars can also destroy surrounding clouds. In order for a shock front to provide positive feedback in star formation the shock needs to evolve considerably, perhaps as a result of destroying some "sacrificial" clouds on its way. I will present the insights gained from numerical simulations where a shock encounters systems of clouds. As the clouds evolve they affect the flow and are mixed into it. Clouds further downstream then evolve differently as they interact with the shock and mass-loaded flow. I investigate the role of different cloud geometries and number densities and also perform MHD simulations to gauge the effects of a magnetic field.
J.M. Pittard, Univ. Leeds, UK