EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Interferometric Observations and Modeling of the Envelope around Class 0 Protostars

Hsin-Fang Chiang
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii, USA
We present dual-wavelength modeling of the circumstellar envelope around nearby Class 0 protostars using multi-configuration observations of the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy. Radiative transfer modeling is performed to compare the dust continuum data at 1 and 3 mm with theoretical envelope models; Bayesian inference and information criteria are applied for parameter estimation and model selection. In particular, we focus on the edge-on Class 0 object L1157-mm, and consider a power-law envelope model and the Terebey-Shu-Cassen model. The results infer a steep density profile for the envelope, and prefer the power-law envelope model against the Terebey-Shu-Cassen model. Moreover, the dust opacity spectral index (beta) is estimated to be ~0.9, implying that grain growth has started at L1157-mm. Also, the unresolved disk component is constrained to be smaller than ~40 AU in radius and ~4-25 Jupiter mass. However, the estimate of the embedded disk component heavily relies on the assumed envelope model as well as the assumed disk characteristics.
L. Looney, Univ. Illinois, USA
J. Tobin, NRAO, USA