EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Formation of filaments from colliding supershells

Evangelia Ntormousi
University Observatory Munich, Munich, Germany
We investigate the triggered formation of cold filamentary structure in the ISM with high-resolution numerical simulations of shell fragmentation and collision. Supershells are commonly observed features in the ISM of the Milky Way and of other galaxies, formed by the combined violent feedback of many young OB stars. These shells, formed around giant bubbles of hot gas, are thought to trigger star formation as they sweep up and condense the ambient warm gas. In our models elongated cold clouds are a natural consequence of the fragmentation and collision of such supershells. We find that in this scenario clouds are created in a variety of physical states, ranging from irregular structures, to clouds in pressure equilibrium with their surroundings to rotating, almost round clumps. Studying metal recycling in this context reveals a very homogeneous metal distribution in the hot superbubbles and practically no metal enrichment of the cold gas.
A.Burkert, USM/LMU, Germany
K. Fierlinger, ECluster, Germany
F. Heitsch, University of North Carolina, USA
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