EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Surveying Pre-Stellar Gas in the Galactic Plane with Bolocam and Herschel

Adam Ginsburg
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
I report on the most massive and dense proto-massive-clusters in the Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey. These include the most massive star-forming regions in the Galaxy, e.g. W49 and W51. Throughout the Galactic plane, all "clumps" above about 5000 Msun show clear signs of star formation, indicating that massive star forming regions evolve through their pre-stellar state in a timescale no longer than about 0.6 MYr. The BGPS is the first survey to be complete to a useful mass limit 5000 Msun over a significant fraction of the Galactic disk ~25% and is therefore the first survey useful for identifying what we don't see in the Galaxy. I will discuss the survey methods and the work involved in determining completeness and distances to the brightest objects in the BGPS. I will include follow-up from the Herschel Hi-Gal survey and present the roadmap towards a galaxy-wide complete survey.
Bressert, E., Bally, J., Battersby, C.
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