The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2010 Registered Persons

Name Suggested Contribution
David Acreman Effects of radiative heating on circumstellar discs determined from 3D radiation hydrodynamics simulations
Christoph Federrath Star formation as function of turbulence driving
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low What is the role of turbulence in molecular cloud formation and evolution?
Boyke Rochau NGC 3603 Young Cluster: A Galactic Starburst and its internal dynamics
Lori Allen Rapid disk evolution and planet formation around intermediate mass stars
Eric Feigelson X-ray insights into the formation of stellar clusters
Anaelle Maury PdBI subarcsecond observations of Class 0 protostars
Javier Rodon Fragmentation in Massive Star-Forming regions
Joao Alves It's not that massive stars are found in clusters, it's clusters that are found around massive stars
Mario Flock The role of non-ideal MHD turbulence in the early phases of circumstellar disk evolution: Dynamic determination of the ionization fraction
Aaron Maxwell Detecting Class I Protostars between 1 - 10 microns: Kicking at the Darkness
Rainer Rolffs Structure of Hot Molecular Cores
Philippe Andre Initial highlights from the Herschel Gould Belt survey
Rachel Friesen The Distribution of Dense Gas and Deuterium Fractionation in Ophiuchus B
Thomas Megeath The Herschel Orion Protostar Survey (HOPS)
Carlos Roman Primordial Evolution of Dense Cores: Learning from Observations and Simulations
Hector Arce Complex Molecules in Molecular Outflows
Gary Fuller The Properties of A New Catalogue of Spitzer Infrared Dark Clouds
Nami Sakai Chemical Diversity of Low-Mass Star Forming Regions; Peculiar Compositions in L1527 and IRAS15398-3359
Aurore Bacmann Kinematics of pre-stellar cores: fast infall
Philipp Girichidis Influence of the Initial Conditions on Massive Star Formation
Sergio Molinari From Clouds to Young Stellar Objects and back again: the all-in-one view from the Herschel infrared Galactic Plane Survey
Leslie Looney A survey of Massive Star Formation in the LMC
Megan Reiter Probing the Chemical and Kinematical Structure of High-mass Star-forming Cores
Cassandra Fallscheer An evolutionary sequence of disk-like structures in massive star formation regions
Ana Lopez-Sepulcre A minimum column density for OB star formation: An observational test
Thomas Robitaille ED Modeling of Young Stellar Objects in the era of Herschel
Cornelius Dullemond From early phases to late phases: do the parameters of star formation affect planet formation?
Hua-bai Li Anchoring Magnetic Field in Turbulent Molecular Clouds
Sarah Ragan High-Resolution Mapping the Kinematic and Temperature Structure in IRDCs
Claire Martin-Zaidi Gas in circumstellar disks of HAeBes
Neal Evans Molecular Clouds: Basic Properties and Stellar Production
Hendrik Linz Deeply embedded populations and thermal emission from IRDCs - the Herschel view
Michael Reid Massive Star Formation in NGC 7538 as Seen by Herschel
Igor Zinchenko Multi-scale study of sequential triggered high mass star formation in S76
Ralph Pudritz The Early History of Disks, Outflows, and Binary Stars
Nick Wright Understanding Spiral-arm Star Formation in Cygnus
Gustavo Dopcke The effect of dust cooling in the fragmentation of star-forming clouds for the transition from Pop. III to Pop. II
Wlliam Langer The State of the Diffuse ISM studied by Herschel HIFI C+ Survey: Relevance to the Earliest Phase of Star formation
Sascha Quanz A massive, rotating disk around an isolated, young, massive(?) star
Masako Yamada Emission Signatures of a Young Embedded Protostellar Object
Kevin Douglas The Early Phase of Molecular Cloud Formation
Ralf Launhardt Isolated low-mass star formation - complex and non-coeval
Roberto Raddi Tracing the structure of the Perseus Arm with IPHAS
Satoshi Yamamoto Line Survey of Low-Mass Star Forming Regions
Dmitry Wiebe Consistent Densities and Temperatures in Cores of Infrared Dark Clouds
Sami Dib The angular momentum of dense cores: what do we really measure?
Rolf Kuiper Overcoming the radiation pressure barrier in the formation of massive stars via disk accretion
Thomas Preibisch Multi-Wavelength Observations of Massive Star Feedback and Triggered Star Formation in the Carina Nebula
Elaine Winston Properties of YSOs in the NGC 1333 and Serpens Embedded Clusters
Di Li Massive Quiescent Cores in Orion
Matthew Kunz The Initial Core Mass Function Due to Ambipolar Diffusion in Molecular Clouds
Wolf Dapp A resolution of the magnetic braking catastrophe during the second collapse
Lars Kristensen Water in low-mass star-forming regions - first Herschel results
Jan Pitann Infrared Spectroscopy of massive protostellar objects and their environment
Malcolm Walmsley CN, HCN, and HNC at high densities in prestellar cores
Carolin Dedes Radiative processes in star forming regions - HIFI first results
Alexei Kritsuk MHD Simulations of Turbulence in Star-forming Interstellar Clouds
Andy Pon Molecular Tracers of Turbulent Shocks in Giant Molecular Clouds
Yuan Wang Different Evolutionary Stages of the Massive Star-Forming Region S255IR Complex
Massimo De Luca Abundances in hot cores: Comparing models to HIFI and IRAM spectra
Mark Krumholz Radiation Feedback and Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation
Charles Poteet The Spitzer IRS Protostar Survey of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex
Richard Klein The Feedback Effects of Protostellar Outflows on High Mass and Low Mass Star Formation
Susanne Pfalzner Star formation in the light of the two cluster sequences
Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni Star Formation by Hierarchical Gravitational Fragmentation
Claudia Cyganowski A New Sample of Massive Young Stellar Object Outflow Candidates: Extended Green Objects (EGOs) from the GLIMPSE Survey
Michael Knight Molecular loading of protostellar jets
Thushara Pillai The Riddle of H2D+ in Massive Star Forming Regions
Silvia Vicente VLT/NACO detection of a proplyd candidate in Trumpler 14
Sebastian Daemgen Protoplanetary Disks of Binary Systems in Orion
Kaitlin Kratter Disks and the formation of stellar systems
Jaime Pineda Direct Observation of a Sharp Transition to Coherence in Dense Cores
Eduard Vorobyov Formation and survivability of giant planets in the earliest stages of star formation
Helen Kirk Mass Segregation in Young Stellar Groups
Stephanie Pekruhl Formation of the DCMF
Tim van Kempen The far-IR spectrum of low-mass protostars: Analysis of First results of the DIGIT and WISH Herschel Key programs
Benoit Commercon Protostellar collapse: magnetic and radiative feedbacks on small scales collapse and fragmentation
Katharine Johnston Under the Influence: Multi-wavelength Modelling of Three Embedded and Ionizing Massive Stars
Nicolas Peretto Mapping dust properties across IRDCs with Herschel
Watson Varricatt A near IR imaging survey of high and intermediate-mass young stellar outflow candidates
Richard Crutcher The Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation
Pamela Klaassen Outflows from Massive Star Forming Regions
Thomas Peters Ionization Feedback in Massive Star Formation
Tatiana Vasyunina Molecular inventory of the Infrared Dark Clouds
Chang-Won Lee Internal Motions in Starless Dense Cores
John Tobin Morphological Complexity of Protostellar Envelopes
Rumpa Choudhury Characteristics of Young Stellar Objects in SFO 38
Jens Kauffmann Mass-Size Studies of Regions of low-mass and high-mass Star Formation
Laurent Pagani Deuteration of prestellar cores and the role of the ortho/para H2 ratio
Kengo Tomida Nested-Grid RMHD Simulation of Proto-stellar Collapse
You-Hua Chu Massive Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Eric Keto What the starless cores tell us about the physics of the ISM
Berengere Parise Progress on the search for D2H+ in star forming regions
Thomas Troland Prelude to Star Formation - The Mass-to-Flux Ratio in Galactic GMCs
Paul Clark The formation of prestellar cores
Gilles Chabrier Understanding the stellar initial mass function
Jes Jorgensen The formation and early evolution of circumstellar disks
Rene Oudmaijer Hot, dense disks around Massive Young Stellar Objects: CO emission at 2.3 micron: a survey, models and spectro-astrometry
Paula Teixeira Spitzer's view of NGC2264's disk population
Edwige Chapillon High-angular resolution search for deuterated molecules in the protostar IRAS16293-2422
Attila Juhasz On the 2008 outburst of EX Lup - Mechanism of the outburst and turbulent mixing of solids
Paolo Padoan The Magnetic Field Strength in Molecular Clouds
Leonardo Testi The early phases of star cluster formation
Steve Charnley Isotopic Fractionation in Primitive Material: Quantifying the Contribution of Interstellar Chemistry
Jouni Kainulainen Probing the evolution of molecular cloud structure using dust column density data
Marco Padovani CCH in prestellar cores
Amelia Stutz A Spitzer study of dense cores: constraining the earliest stages of low mass star formation
Wolfgang Brandner Massive star formation in M31
Benjamin Hussmann The present day mass function of the Quintuplet cluster - star formation in the extreme environment of the Galactic centre
Stella Offner The Protostellar Mass Function: Implications for Star Formation Models and the Luminosity Problem
Jochen Tackenberg The Early Evolution of High Mass Star Formation
Christian Brinch Radiation transfer modeling in the ALMA era
Doug Johnstone The Problem of Dense Gas Tracers in Perseus: Relating the N2H+, NH3, and Dust Continuum Properties of Pre- and Proto-Stellar Cores
Chris Ormel Coagulation and fragmentation in molecular clouds
Mario Tafalla Understanding the origin of outflows and their feedback on cores: the case of IRAS 04166+2706
Andi Burkert The ultimate fate of B68 and the origin and evolution of globules in the Pipe nebula
Mayra Osorio The dust disc with solar system size and spiral structure around of Herbig Ae Star HD169142
Konstantinos Tassis Signatures of Support and Collapse in Pre-Stellar Cores
Rowan Smith The Missing Link - Connecting Massive Stars to their Progenitor Cores
Roy van Boekel The infrared variability of T Tau S: disk-binary interaction observed?
Gregory Herczeg CO Fundamental Emission from Disks Around Embedded Objects
Dieter Nuernberger Weighing a High Mass Protostellar Candidate: Physics and Kinematics of the M17 Disk and its associated H_2 Jet
Juergen Steinacker "Coreshine" - the New Window to Explore Dust Growth in Cores
Paul Boley Probing the inner regions of disks around high-mass stars with interferometry in the mid-infrared
Masaaki Hiramatsu Molecular outflow/jets and circumstellar component around a young protostar L1448C
Karin Oberg Evolving ices - understanding observations of complex organics around protostars
Andrea Stolte Disc survival in a starburst environment - L-band excess sources in the Arches cluster
Tyler Bourke The Initial Conditions for Star Formation in Clusters
Takashi Hosokawa Protostellar Evolution and Massive Star Formation
Robert Odell Multiple Centers of Star Formation in the Orion Nebula
Henrik Beuther The formation and early evolution of high-mass stars
Fabian Heitsch Setting the Star Formation Rate & Efficiency: Revisiting the Role of Turbulence and Magnetic Fields
Natalia Dzyurkevich Launching MHD turbulence in the early phases of circumstellar disk
Aurora Sicilia-Aquilar Star formation and disk evolution in the Coronet cluster
Arjan Bik A spectroscopic census of the stellar content of high-mass star-forming regions
Patrick Hennebelle Cores and Collapse: Theories
Markus Nielbock Photometric Calibration and Accuracy of the Herschel/PACS Photometer Camera
Shih-Ping Lai Toroidal Magnetic Field Revealed in the Pseudodisk of NGC1333 IRAS 4A
Stephan Birkmann The core mass function in massive star forming regions as observed with Herschel
Martin Hennemann Intermediate- to high-mass star formation in the Rosette Molecular Cloud and in Isolation as observed by Herschel and the PdBI
Aake Nordlund Understanding the Star Formation Rate
Aleks Scholz Synoptic studies of protostars: A case for turbulent fragmentation
Shantanu Basu The Formation and Early Evolution of Disks
Alvaro Hacar Formation of Dense Cores in the Taurus Molecular Cloud
Phil Myers How do protostars get their masses?
Daniel Seifried Evolution of large scale outflows from collapsing molecular cloud cores
Arnold Benz Results of Herschel Hydride Observations
Patrick Hartigan Star Formation and Globules in the Spectacular Massive Star Formation Region Cygnus OB2
Zsofia Nagy The chemical structure of W49A - results from the JCMT Spectral Legacy Survey
Asoke Sen Dust properties in star forming clouds, studied through photopolarimetry
Edwin Bergin Chemistry and Star Formation
Jennifer Hatchell First results from SCUBA-2
Fumitaka Nakamura A Significant Role of Magnetic Field and Protostellar Turbulence on the Formation and Evolution of Dense Cores in Clustered vs. Distributed Star Formation
Yancy Shirley Cores and Collapse: Observations of Cores & Collapse
Peter Schilke From Cloud to Star Formation: the case of W43
John Bally Conference Summary
Simon Glover The link between molecular gas and star formation
Frederique Motte HOBYS: the Herschel imaging survey of OB Young Stellar objects
Markus Schmalzl High Resolution mm-observations of the Double Core in the Isolated Dark Globule CB17
Robi Banerjee Star formation efficiency and lifetime of molecular clouds
Alyssa Goodman Underappreciated Players? The Role of B-Star Winds in Molecular Clouds
Joseph Mottram The Luminosity Functions and Timescales of MYSOs and UCHII regions
Wolfram Schmidt Forced turbulence in thermally bistable interstellar gas
Isabelle Baraffe Very early stages of evolution of low mass stars and brown dwarfs: Effect of episodic accretion
Maryam Habibi The extinction map of the Arches starburst cluster in the Galactic center
Telemachos Mouschovias The Core Mass Function in Molecular Clouds and Comparison with Observations
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