The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2006 Registered Persons

Name Suggested Contribution
Phil Myers How do molecular clouds make clusters?
Lori Allen The formation and early evolution of the nearest embedded clusters
Matthew Bate New hydrodynamical simulations of star cluster formation
Ralf Launhardt The early phase of binary star formation
Stefan Umbreit Disks around ejected brown dwarfs
Lee Hartmann Formation of molecular clouds and star clusters
Doug Johnstone Understanding how star formation proceeds in the Perseus molecular cloud
Tom Megeath Spitzer identified protostars in the Orion A and Maddalena's molecular clouds
Philippe Andre Observations of low-mass dense cores
Alyssa Goodman Bias and uncertainty in measures of star-forming regions' structure: from dark clouds to dense cores
Tyler Bourke Spitzer discovery of low-luminosity embedded objects in dense cores
Jennifer Hatchell Prestellar and protostellar lifetimes from submm surveys
Yancy Shirley Developing an evolutionary sequence for low-mass starless cores
Jürgen Steinacker Challenge and promise of revealing the 3D structure of star formation regions by radiative transfer
Dirk Froebrich Protostellar evolution - confronting models and observations
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low Turbulence in star-forming molecular clouds
Aake Nordlund Problems with numerical studies of turbulent fragmentation
Ralf Klessen Gravoturbulent star formation
Aurore Bacmann Chemistry in low-mass cores
Paola Caselli The last phases of prestellar cores
Dick Crutcher Magnetic fields: observations
Telemachos Mouschovias Observational evidence for turbulence-induced and ambipolar-diffusion-initiated star formation and the ages of molecular clouds: a critical review
Shantanu Basu Magnetic fields and star formation
Tomoaki Matsumoto Alignment of ouflows with magnetic fields in cloud cores
Kohji Tomisaka Contraction of a magnetized rotating cloud
Ed Churchwell Massive star formation: recent observational results
Eric Keto The formation of massive stars: accretion, disks and the development of hypercompact HII regions
Henrik Beuther Chemical properties of young massive star-forming regions
Harald Yorke Theoretical considerations of massive star formation
Rolf Chini 2.3 micron emission and absorption from young stars in M17
Eduard Vorobyov The burst mode of protostellar accretion
Joao Alves The mass function of dense molecular cores and the origin of the IMF
Robi Banerjee The Assembly of Massive Stars in Supersonic Turbulence
Ian Bonnell Numerical Simulations and the initial conditions for star formation
Paul Clark The Star Forming Ability of Giant MolecularClouds
Wolfgang Dapp Axisymmetric simulations of star formation to explain features of IRAM 04191
Sami Dib Stability and Virial Balance of Clumps and Cores in Molecular Clouds
James Di Francesco Dense Gas and Star Formation in the Ophiuchus B2 Core
Turlough Downes Numerical simulations of molecular outflows - from RAM to reality and back
Maiken Gustafsson Probing Turbulence with Infrared Observations: Protostars in Orion
Robert Gutermuth Characterizing the Structure of Embedded Clusters with the Spitzer Young Stellar Cluster Survey
Karl Haisch Mid-Infrared Observations of Class I/Flat-Spectrum Systems in Six Nearby Molecular Clouds
Patrick Hennebelle Are the molecular clouds multiphase objects?
Martin Hennemann A (Sub)Millimeter survey of ISOSS massive star-forming regions
Vera Hoffmeister Star formation in the Arc of M17SW
Helen Kirk Kinematics of Star Formation in the Perseus Molecular Cloud
Markus Kissler-Patig Star cluster formation, backwards: how far back in time can we trace the formation of star clusters?
Xavier Koenig Triggered Star Formation in W5
Hendrik Linz Spitzer/MIPS observations of southern Infrared Dark Clouds
Masahiro Machida Second Core Formation and High Speed Jets: Resistive MHD Nested Grid Simulations
Sabine Mengel Can Westerlund 1 shed light on extragalactic young star clusters?
Lawrence Morgan Triggered Star Formation In Bright-Rimmed Clouds
Dieter Nürnberger The birth of a star of SpT O - How to unravel its mystery
Yaroslav Pavlyuchenkov Molecular lines in prestellar cores: what should we take into account when we deal with line profiles?
Jaime Pineda Using Perseus to study clump finding algorithms
Dmitry Semenov Turbulent mixing chemistry in protoplanetary disks
Konstantinos Tassis Using the orientation of the mean magnetic field in molecular clouds to test models of molecular cloud support
Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni Unified Scenario of Molecular Cloud and Star Formation
Malcolm Walmsley Depletion and Deuteration in Prestellar Cores
Dmitry Wiebe Can we infer the dynamical history of pre-stellar cores with the chemical modelling?
Erick Young A Spitzer Survey of Class 0 Sources- What Is the Mid-Infrared SED Telling Us?
Maria Rodriguez-Ledesma -
Kees Dullemond Connecting the properties of disks to the properies of their parent cores
Paolo Padoan Problems with numerical studies of turbulent fragmentation
Mark Casali Infrared variability of the youngest infrared YSOs
Dieter Nuernberger The birth of a star of SpT O - How to unravel its mystery
Nicole Homeier Massive Star Formation in the W49 GMC
Antonio Chrysotomou Surveys for Star Formation with the New Generation JCMT Instrumentation
Ibrahim Kuecuek A new Mass Function (MF) and Luminosity Function (LF) determination for T Tauri Stars
Rebeca Garcia-Lopez -
Sergei Kalenskii Spectral scan of the massive star forming region DR21(OH)
Alessio Caratti-o-Garatti Physical properties and evolution of protostellar jets in the NIR
Aoife Jones -
Nicola Schneider-Bontemps Triggered vs. turbulent fragmentation of molecular clouds
Sylvain Bontemps Influence of multiplicity and clustering on the derivation of properties of massive protostars
Luis Chavarria Multi-wavelength study of Massive Star Forming regions
Andrea Urban Modeling the Gas Temperature in a Field of Young Stars
Marco Krco Utilizing HI Narrow Self-Absorption to Constrain Star Formation Timescales
Pierre Royer -
Odysseas Dionatos -
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