Miguel Querejeta



Email: m.querejeta@oan.es

Observatorio Astronómico Nacional

Calle de Alfonso XII, 3

E-28014 Madrid


Office: Gran Ecuatorial W2E

Phone: +34 915 97 95 64

I am currently a staff astronomer at Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (OAN) in Madrid. Before that, I was an ESO Fellow in Garching (near Munich). This webpage dates back from the time when I was a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, under supervision of Eva Schinnerer. My research focuses on nearby galaxies, with the prime goal of understanding the mechanisms that regulate star formation. I started studying the distribution of stellar mass in a large sample of galaxies, the effects of that mass distribution in terms of triggering gas motions within a specific galaxy (M51), as well as the transformation of actively star-forming spiral galaxies into passive lenticulars in the context of galaxy mergers; more details can be found under Research.

I am currently involved in the PHANGS and TIMER collaborations. As a PhD student, I was an early-stage researcher within the DAGAL Network (Marie Curie ITN) and a member of the S4G and PAWS collaborations. I was also a fellow of the International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics (IMPRS).