Dr. Richard J. Mathar

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Königstuhl 17,
69117 Heidelberg,
phone (++49) (0) 6221 528 382 (office/Büro)
phone (++49) (0) 177 8333106 (mobile)
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office: 028B

Under the supervision of four instrument principal investigators, four instrument managers, the head of the software group of our Max-Planck Institute and the head of the instrument division of the institute I am working on clean-up, refurbishing and adaptation of a specific detector setup and readout software for electronics of the institute, which is or will be installed with LUCI1/2 and Linc-Nirvana of the Large Binocular Telescope, with PANIC and CARMENES of the 2.2 and 3.5 meter telescopes of the Calar Alto Observatory, for an imager and spectrograph at the NOT/NTE, and at the AIP.

The web page Publications contains my publications, contributions to conferences, preprints, theses, technical reports, ...

Some software that I wrote in the past and might be of some general interest is collected in the software page. Implementations of aspects discussed in the publication list are also gathered here.

CV The surname Mathar is pronounced like the Spanish matar [mʌ'ta:r]. It probably is a plural form of the French surname Mathieu originating from the German-Belgium border.

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