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Extragalactic jets on all scales - launching, propagation, termination

Poster & Talk Materials


CT: S.Acharya Thu-13:45; pdf slides, 7min video MHD Instabilities and its impact on the emission signatures of AGN jets
CT: I.Agudo Mon-12:50; pdf slides POLAMI: Polarization Monitoring of AGN at Millimeter Wavelengths with the IRAM 30m Telescope. First results and impact on AGN science
CT: T.Arshakian Thu-12:40; pdf slides Dynamics and emission model of the recollimation shock in BL Lacertae
CT: B.Bandyopadhyay Wed-17:10; pdf slides, 7min video Ray-tracing of GRMHD simulations with strong winds and jets and their implication for the observation with ng-EHT
CT: M.Boettcher Mon-13:25; pdf slides Prospects for High-Energy Polarimetry of Blazars
CT: N.Brandt Wed-16:50; pdf slides, 7min video The Nature of the X-ray Emission from Typical Radio-Loud Quasars: Jets vs. Coronae
CT: C.Carrasco-Gonzalez Fri-16:30; pdf slides, Observational constraints on launching and collimation in Protostellar Jets
CT: A.Charlet Wed-12:50; pdf slides, 7min video Impact of thermal radiative losses on microquasar jets
CT: K.Chatterjee Mon-17:10; pdf slides, 7min video Imaging plasmoids, warps and distortions in black hole jets using next-generation 3D GRMHD simulations
IT: J.Croston Tue-12:00; pdf slides, recorded talk The LOFAR and X-ray view of extragalactic jet populations
CT: R.Daly Wed-17:00; pdf slides, recorded talk Black Hole Spin Determinations for over 750 Sources
CT: E.de Gouveia Dal Pino Mon-17:00; pdf slides Particle Acceleration to Ultra High Energies by Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Jets and the Origin of the Very High Energy Emission
CT: A.Desai Thu-15:10; pdf slides, 7min video Testing the AGN Radio and Neutrino correlation
IT: J.Dexter Wed-15:40; recorded talk Strong Magnetic fields from a polarized black hole image of M87
CT: I.Dihingia Fri-12:30; pdf slides, 7min video Jets, disc-winds, and oscillations around Kerr black holes
CT: K.Ehlert Wed-13:00; pdf slides, 7min video AGN jet heating with cosmic rays in magnetized, turbulent galaxy clusters
CT: G.Fichet de Clairf. Thu-13:35; pdf slides, 7min video Flux variability from ejecta in structured relativistic jets with large-scale magnetic fields
IT: C.Fromm Fri-12:00; recorded talk Radiative signatures of GRMHD jets
IT: D.Giannios Tue-16:30; recorded talk Blazar jets from the black hole to the radiation zone
CT: A.Goyal Thu-13:00; pdf slides Timing analysis of blazar sources: all the colors of noise
CT: P.Grandi Fri-13:45; pdf slides Jet-accretion system in the nearby mJy Radio Galaxies
IT: K.Hada Mon-14:50; recorded talk High-resolution view of collimation and acceleration regions of nearby AGN jets
CT: O.Hervet Thu-17:10; pdf slides, 7min video TeV flares of radiogalaxies, the case of the great flare of NGC 1275 on January 1st 2017
IT: T.ovatta Tue-14:50; recorded talk Blazar magnetic fields from launch to termination
CT: T.Jones Fri-15:10; pdf slides, 7min video AGN Jets as Probes of Intracluster Media Dynamics and Physics
CT: J.Jormanainen Tue-17:10; pdf slides, 7min video Confronting observations of VHE gamma-ray blazar flares with reconnection models
IT: M.Kadler Fri-14:50; recorded talk Radio observations of candidate neutrino blazars with single-dish and VLBI techniques
CT: R.Keppens Tue-13:25; pdf slides, 7min video AGN jet simulations for double-double radio galaxies
CT: S.Kiehlmann Mon-13:45; pdf slides Critical aspects of identifying and analysing optical EVPA rotations
IT: Y.Kovalev Wed-16:30; pdf slides, recorded talk Physics of nuclei in active galaxies as revealed by high resolution radio and optical studies
CT: E.Kravchenko Tue-15:20; pdf slides, 7min video The zoo of brightness temperature distribution in parsec-scale AGN jets
RT: R.Laing Mon-12:20; Recorded talk Jets from the Event Horizon to Cluster Scales
CT: T.Lan Fri-15:30; pdf slides, Probing the Environments of Giant Radio Galaxies
CT: E.Lindfors Thu-12:20; pdf slides, 7min video Association of IceCube neutrinos with radio sources observed at Owens Valley and Metsähovi Radio Observatories
CT: I.Liodakis Mon-13:35; pdf slides, 7min video Understanding high-energy emission processes in blazar jets through X-ray Polarization
CT: N.MacDonald Thu-13:25; pdf slides, Full Stokes Polarized Radiative Transfer In 3D Relativistic Jet Simulations: Application of the TRISTAN, PLUTO, and RADMC-3D Codes
IT: G.Madejski Thu-16:30; pdf slides, recorded Talk Content of relativistic jets in blazars, and implications on jet structure inferred from future X-ray polarization observations
CT: J.Matthews Tue-15:10; pdf slides, 7min video Particle acceleration in radio galaxies with flickering jets: GeV electrons to ultrahigh energy cosmic rays
CT: G.Mattia Fri-13:25; pdf slides, 7min video Astrophysical jets from strongly magnetized systems- A non isotropic accretion disk dynamo
CT: E.Meyer Wed-13:25; pdf slides, 7min video The Relativistic Jet Dichotomy and the End of the Blazar Sequence
CT: G.Migliori Tue-12:20; pdf slides Fermi tutti? Unveiling particle acceleration and high-energy emission processes in hotspots
CT: Y.Mizuno Fri-12:20; pdf slides Comparison of the ion-to-electron temperature ratio prescription: two-temperature GRMHD simulations
IT: D.Mukherjee Wed-12:00; recorded talk - Simulating the impact of jet-driven outflows on different scales
CT: I.Myserlis Thu-12:50; pdf slides, 7min video F-GAMMA / QUIVER : Full-Stokes, multi-frequency radio monitoring of Fermi blazars
CT: E.Nokhrina Fri-12:50; pdf slides, AGN jet boundary shape break – what can we learn?
CT: K.Nyland Wed-13:45; pdf slides Young Quasar Jets Revealed by Dynamic Radio Surveys
CT: A.Pasetto Tue-15:30; pdf slides Can we finally map the magnetic field in extragalactic jets?
CT: M.Perucho Wed-12:20; pdf slides, 7min video The role of stars on FRI jet deceleration
IT: M.Petropoulou Thu-14:50; pdf slides, recorded talk High-energy neutrinos from blazars: lessons and puzzles from recent IceCube observations
CT: C.Pfrommer Wed-12:30; pdf slides, 7min video AGN jet feedback in galaxy clusters: the case for cosmic-ray heating
CT: A.Plavin Thu-15:30; recorded talk High-energy neutrinos from central parsecs of AGNs
CT: A.Pushkarev Mon-13:00; pdf slides, 7min video Magnetic fields of parsec-scale AGN jets from multi-epoch VLBA linear polarization imaging
CT: L.Rudnick Wed-13:35; pdf slides, 7min video Unanticipated Jets: the view from MeerKAT
CT: D.Schleicher Wed-15:10; pdf slides, 7min video Signatures of jets and accretion for the EHT
CT: S.Silvestri Thu-12:30; pdf slides Inter Galactic Magnetic field constraints through the gamma ray observations of the Extreme High-frequency-peaked BL Lac candidate HESS 1943+213
CT: M.Shende Fri-13:35; pdf slides, 7min video Connection in Black Hole Sources
CT: R.Talbot Fri-12:40; pdf slides, Blandford-Znajek jets in galaxy formation simulations
IT: A.Tchekovskoy Mon-16:30; recorded talk Radiative turbulence in magnetically-dominated jets
CT: Y.Urata Fri-16:40; pdf slides, 7min video GRB jet energetics and structure
CT: R.Weinberger Tue-13:35; pdf slides, 7min video The impact of jets on galaxy clusters: a simulation perspective
CT: C.Wendel Mon-15:30; pdf slides, 7min video Gamma-ray emission from pair cascades at the border of broad line regions
CT: M.Zacharias Thu-15:20; pdf slides, 7min video The imprint of protons on the emission of extended blazar jets
CT: S.Zhu Fri-17:00; pdf slides, 7min video Investigating the X-ray enhancements of highly radio-loud quasars at z >4


Day 1:

P01: E.Angelakis poster pdf, 3min video Probing the physical conditions and processes in jet through multi-band and multi frequency polarization monitoring
P02: B.Barkus poster pdf, 3min video Can’t see the Galaxies for the Stars: Improving Cross-Identification for Radio Surveys using Ridgelines
P03: T.Berlok poster pdf Anisotropic (Braginskii) viscosity as a heating mechanism in momentum driven AGN jets
P04: S.Boula poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Modeling blazars non-thermal emission: from radio to γ-rays
P06: M.Butuzova poster pdf, 3min video The blazar OJ 287 jet from parsec to kiloparsec scales
P07: C.Casadio poster pdf, 3min video The jet collimation profile at high resolution in BL Lacertae
P08: Charalampos Sinnis poster pdf Stability analysis of relativistic magnetized astrophysical jets
P09: L.Chen poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Analytical Solution of Magnetically Dominated Jets: Jet Launching, Acceleration, and Collimation
P10: R.Dominik poster pdf 3C 84: A Possibly Precessing Jet in 43 GHz Observations
P11: D.Dorner poster pdf Blazar Variability - Insights from Long-Term Monitoring
P12: R.Dubey poster pdf, 3min video Synthetic observation of S-shaped jet from dual AGN candidate 2MASX J12032061+1319316

Day 2:

P13: J.Finke poster pdf Time-dependent Modeling of Flares from Blazar Jets
P14: L.García poster pdf The evolution of relativistic jets through the magnetized medium produced by the fusion of two neutron stars
P15: G.Giri pdf slides, 3min video The curious case of X-shaped radio galaxies: Back-flow model
P16: D.Glawion poster pdf Is PKS 0625-354 another variable TeV active galactic nucleus?
P17: M.Gorbachev poster pdf, 3min video Constraints on the nature of the blazar S5 0716+714 optical radiating region obtained from the long-term variability
P18: P.Goswami poster pdf, 3min video Signatures of the energy-dependent diffusion in X-ray spectra of BL Lac Mkn 421
P19: O.Hervet poster pdf, 3min video Deciphering the 2017 soft X-ray flare of OJ 287, a radio-to-TeV study
P20: G.Ilha poster pdf Selection and characterization of Red Geysers: What is the source of gas ionization?
P21: I.Jaroschewski poster pdf Neutrino Emission from Supermassive Binary Black Hole Mergers
P22: R.Khatun poster pdf, 3min video A candidate dual AGN in a double-peaked emission-line galaxy with precessing radio jets
P23: J.Kramer poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Ray-Tracing in Relativistic Jet Simulations: A Polarimetric Study
P24: D.Krol poster pdf On the magnetization of relativistic jets with radial velocity shear
P25: D.Kulik poster pdf Investigating intra-day variability in the relativistic jets of AGN due to blob propagation using RMHD simulations

Day 3:

P26: S.Kundu poster pdf, 3min video Interplay of particle acceleration processes in AGN Jets
P27: L.Linhoff poster pdf Excluding Possible Sites of Gamma-Ray Emission in 3C84/NGC1275
P28: Y.Lu pdf slides Simulations of Precessing Jets and Their Role in AGN Feedback
P29: D.Macconi poster pdf, 3min video Radio Galaxies: does accretion always rhyme with jets power?
P30: E.Madika poster pdf The twin-jet system in 3C 452
P31: N.Mandarakas pdf slides, 3min video Local alignments of parsec-scale AGN radiojets
P32: G.Mattia poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video A constrained transport method for the solution of Resistive Relativistic plasmas in the PLUTO code
P33: M.Meyer poster pdf The detectability of fast gamma-ray blazar flares from magnetic reconnection with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
P34: D.Miceli poster pdf Modeling of TeV emission from gamma-ray bursts
P35: A.Misra poster pdf Low Frequency Observations of Peculiar Radio Galaxies
P36: C.Nigro poster pdf agnpy: an open-source, do it yourself, approach to (jetted) AGN modelling
P37: C.Nolting poster pdf, 3min video Precessing Radio Galaxy Jets: Simulations and Observable Signatures

Day 4:

P38: A.Oliva web-based poster The physical processes driving jets during the formation of massive stars
P39: J.Ortuño-Macías poster pdf 3D PIC simulations of current-driven instabilities in cylindrical magnetized jets.
P40: J.Otero-Santos poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Disentangling the optical spectral variability of gamma-ray bright blazars through statistical studies
P41: L.Pacciani poster pdf Evidence for a moving emitting region from waiting times of Gamma-ray flares of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars
P42: G.Paraschos poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Where is 3C84's black hole located?
P43: P.Patil poster pdf High-resolution VLA Imaging of Heavily Obscured and Luminous Quasars with Young Radio Jets at z ~ 2
P44: N.Peceur poster pdf The optical polarization of PKS 2155-304 during an optical flare in 2010
P45: L.Ricci poster pdf A high-resolution study of NGC 315
P46: S.Rojas Ruiz poster pdf, 3min video Radio Jet Interactions in the Interstellar Medium of an Extreme Radio-loud Quasar in the first Gyr of the Universe
P47: P.Romano poster pdf Locating the gamma-ray emission zone in jetted narrow-line Seyfert-1 galaxies with Cherenkov Telescope Array simulations
P48: A.Roychowdhury poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video A VLA and VLBI proper-motion study of extragalactic jets: connecting the parsec and kiloparsec scales
P49: L.Sala poster pdf Black hole spin, accretion and feedback in hydrodynamical simulations

Day 5:

P50: D.Sanchez poster pdf One decade of multiwavelength variability of the blazar PKS 2155-304
P51: P.Sejake poster pdf, 3min video MeerKAT follow-up of enigmatic G4Jy sources
P52: E.Shablovinskaya poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Optical polarization vector IDV in BL Lac objects - a key to the jet structure
P53: V.Sliusar poster pdf, pdf slides Inferring the jet parameters of Markarian 501
P54: F.Ubertosi poster pdf, pdf slides, 3min video Are jets of FR0 radio galaxies able to excavate cavities in the ICM? New insights from a Chandra observation of A795.
P55: B.van Soelen poster pdf Spectropolarimetry observations of flaring blazars as part of the Southern African Large Telescope AGN Transient programme
P56: A.Wojtowicz poster pdf, 3min video How to Estimate the Ambient Medium Density Around Distant Radio Sources from Their Observed Radio Spectra
P57: K.Wong poster pdf A New Chapter in Hard X-rays of the M87 AGN
P58: A.Zech poster pdf A relativistic shock scenario for extreme-TeV blazars
P59: C.Zhang poster pdf Generation of Internal Waves by Buoyant Bubbles in Galaxy Clusters and Heating of Intracluster Medium
P60: D.Zobnina poster pdf, 3min video Linear polarization variability study of parsec-scale jets at 2 cm
P61: N.Zywucka-Hejzner poster pdf An association of a Fermi-LAT flaring activity with a blazar candidate behind the Large Magellanic Cloud
P62: M.Lister poster pdf TXS 0128+554: A Young Gamma-Ray Emitting AGN With Episodic Jet Activity
P63: G.Principe poster pdf, 3min video Gamma-ray emission from young radio galaxies and quasars