*June 14-18, 2021
14-18 June 2021

as ONLINE conference

Extragalactic jets on all scales - launching, propagation, termination

An ONLINE conference, jointly organized by MPIA and IIT Indore


Energetic and collimated beams of plasma launched from the centre of galaxies have fascinated the community for a century. In spite of the advancement in observational and theoretical modelling techniques, many aspects regarding the detailed physics of extra-galactic jets remain not fully understood. This conference aims to push forward our understanding of extra-galactic jets bringing together experts from theory and observations.

The main focus shall be on the theoretical side. One major aim of this conference is to demonstrate recent advances in the multi-scale numerical modeling of jets and to discuss strategies for how to better constrain simulations with multi-wavelength and high-resolution observational data. Another focus shall be the universality of jet properties and understand what we can learn from other jets sources such as non-relativistic jets or GRBs.

The conference addresses the astrophysics across all scales of the jets from :
- the launching scale that governs the jet energetics and matter content
- the propagation scale involving magnetic dissipation, particle acceleration and non-thermal radiation, jet stability and variability
- the termination scale that is essentially connected to IGM and ICM feedback and the FRI/FRII jet power

Present and future sensitive radio facilities, such as VLA, LOFAR, EHT, and SKA, together with those extending the coverage over a full multiwavelength range, will be crucial for unraveling the jet physics at all spatial scales. This conference should be a platform to discuss state-of-the-art astrophysical approaches which can successfully bridge between numerical simulations, theoretical models, and multi-wavelength/multi-messenger observations.

In particular we would appreciate contributions on the following topics:
- Jet launching GR-MHD simulations
- Jet stability and variability
- Jet energetics : heating, dissipation, feedback
- Emission and Polarization - observed and simulated
- Particle Acceleration Mechanisms
- Essential observational inputs for theory
- Universality of jet properties

The conference was part of bilateral initiative between IIT Indore and the MPIA Heidelberg through the Max Planck Partner group.



Keiichi Asada
Markus Boettcher
Christian Fendt (Co-Chair)
Sebastian Heinz
Rony Keppens
Preeti Kharb
Thomas Krichbaum
Karl Mannheim
Andrea Mignone
Eileen Meyer
Raffaella Morganti
Oliver Porth
Bhargav Vaidya (Co-Chair)
Diana Worrall


Christian Fendt (fendt@mpia.de)
Indu Dihingia
Giancarlo Mattia
Bhargav Vaidya (bvaidya@iiti.ac.in)


List of participants

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Conference programme (as of June 9, 2021)

Download as PDF from here.

Oral presentations
All oral presentation will be live. Many speakers of the invited (15+5 min) and contributed talks (7+3 min) have provided their slides and a video of their presentation in advance.
Participants may have a look at these contributions in advance of the presentation.

Poster sessions
We will have five poster sessions. Each poster will have a 40-min breakout room allocated, in which participants can meet the poster presenter for discussions.
Some poster presenters also provided a 3-min video presentation about there poster that can be viewed in advance.

More information about participants and their contributions can be found in our abstract book.

Slides and videos of contributions can be found under the following link.


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