Presented below is are the two long tables from Data-driven stellar parameters for southern TESS FGK targets presented as FITS tables

Table 3: The table presents the same parameters in as in the paper. However they are quoted as param_est for the best fit value of that parameter, param1 for the value of the parameter at the one sigma lower bound and param2 for the value at the one sigma upper bound. For objects with parameters that fell outside the bounds of our training sample we set all parameters except temperature to -99.9. The temperature for these stars (teff_est) is set to -7000K for stars hotter than 7000K, to -4000K for giants cooler than 4000K and to -4600K for dwarfs cooler than 4600K. Objects where we did not have blue Skymapper data and hence did not measure the metallicity are flagged using column feh_not_measured. There is an additional feh_flag column to flag if an object has feh>0.55dex

Table A1: The table is as presented in the paper

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