Red supergiants, the largest stars in the Universe


A new science documentary film released

"Exploring the Universe"

In the words of Carl Sagan, 'we are star stuff' – the chemicals that make up our bodies were produced in stars. If we want to understand our own origins, then we need to understand the chemistry of stars. Also, the central star is the key to the possibility of life in a distant solar system. Are habitable planets like the Earth ubiquitous, or are they a fluke? We can only answer that question if we know more about the stars and galaxies.  


Film 1- Why am I like a Star? (for kids 6-12)

Warum bin ich wie ein Stern? (für Kinder)

Film 2 - What are Stars Made of?  (for kids 6-12)

Woraus bestehen Sterne? (für Kinder)

Film 3 - Spectroscopy - Splitting the Starlight

Spektroskopie - Sternenlicht zerlegen

Film 4 - Building a Star from Bits and Bytes
Sterne im Computer

Film 5 - How to find an Exoplanet?
Wie findet man Exoplaneten

Film 6 - Cooking up the Chemical Elements
Wie die chemischen Elemente entstanden sind

Film 7 - Our Galaxy - Milky Way. A big UFO-like Object
Unsere Heimatgalaxie - die Milchstraße. Ein großes UFO-ähnliches Objekt