Disc Galaxy Formation in

a cosmological context


This workshop  mainly focuses on the current successes and challenges

in explaining the formation of disc galaxies in the LCDM universe.


A.V. Macciò (chair), V. Springel (co-chair)

G. Stinson, A. Dutton, R. Kannan


J. Dalcanton (UW)

A. Dekel (Jerusalem)

C. Frenk (Durham)

G. Kauffmann (MPA)

R. Klessen (ITA - Heidelberg)

A.V. Macciò (MPIA)

L. Mayer (Zurich)

B. Moore (Zurich)

R. Somerville (Rutgers)

V. Springel (HITS)

R. Teyssier (Zurich-Saclay)

J. Wadsley (McMaster)

S.D.M. White (MPA)


SFB881 - MPIA workshop

Heidelberg, May 14-18,  2012

This workshop is supported by the

Collaborative Research Center

“The Milky Ways System” (SFB881)