*June 14-18, 2021
14-18 June 2021

as ONLINE conference

Extragalactic jets on all scales - launching, propagation, termination

Now as Jets 2021: moved from 2020 due to Covid-19

An ONLINE conference, jointly organized by MPIA and IIT Indore


2021-02-08: Now decided to have a pure ONLINE conference.
2020-07-31: We now decided to have our conference June 14-18, 2021.
We will have (almost) the same team of SOC colleagues. Also, all invited speakers who were formerly invited, agreed to join again.
Due to the unknown Covid situation 2021, this time we plan to organize for a HYBRID mode for the meeting, thus organizing also for the possibility of remote participation and contributions.

2020-03-21: The global crisis with regard to the pandemic COVID-19 has now forced us to cancel the the conference and postpone it to June next year (new date to be announce asap). 


Energetic and collimated beams of plasma launched from the centre of galaxies have fascinated the community for a century. In spite of the advancement in observational and theoretical modelling techniques, many aspects regarding the detailed physics of extra-galactic jets remain not fully understood. This conference aims to push forward our understanding of extra-galactic jets bringing together experts from theory and observations.

The main focus shall be on the theoretical side. One major aim of this conference is to demonstrate recent advances in the multi-scale numerical modeling of jets and to discuss strategies for how to better constrain simulations with multi-wavelength and high-resolution observational data. Another focus shall be the universality of jet properties and understand what we can learn from other jets sources such as non-relativistic jets or GRBs.

The conference addresses the astrophysics across all scales of the jets from :
- the launching scale that governs the jet energetics and matter content
- the propagation scale involving magnetic dissipation, particle acceleration and non-thermal radiation, jet stability and variability
- the termination scale that is essentially connected to IGM and ICM feedback and the FRI/FRII jet power

Present and future sensitive radio facilities, such as VLA, LOFAR, EHT, and SKA, together with those extending the coverage over a full multiwavelength range, will be crucial for unraveling the jet physics at all spatial scales. This conference should be a platform to discuss state-of-the-art astrophysical approaches which can successfully bridge between numerical simulations, theoretical models, and multi-wavelength/multi-messenger observations.

In particular we would appreciate contributions on the following topics:
- Jet launching GR-MHD simulations
- Jet stability and variability
- Jet energetics : heating, dissipation, feedback
- Emission and Polarization - observed and simulated
- Particle Acceleration Mechanisms
- Essential observational inputs for theory
- Universality of jet properties

The conference will be part of bilateral initiative between IIT Indore and the MPIA Heidelberg through the Max Planck Partner group.


Email: jets2021@mpia.de
Follow our handle for updates: @jets_2021
Tentative new time schedule:

Registration opens : November 15, 2020
Abstract submission and registration deadline : April 1, 2021
Notification of talks : May 6, 2021
Deadline for payment of fees : May 25, 2021



Fees for online participation:

Fee includes online licences, invitations, etc

Regular Fee (before May 25, 2021):
Student [Masters/PhD]: 30 Euros
Normal: 50 Euros

We have now closed the registration weblink for Jets 2021.

Thank you for an overwhelming interest in our conference!

We have received 180 registrations, most of them for talks, but also many for posters.
We will now look at all registrations within the SOC and will come up with a decision for a schedule for the talks.

After your online registration (that we use to organize the conference), please proceed and pay the conference fee. This is handled by the company ZTIX (https://ztix.de/hp/events/2248/info?lang=en), external to MPIA.

Payment of the registration fee will be possible from March 2021.

Note: The company ZTIX sells 'tickets' for all kind of events, and does so for our conference - please do not be confused.

When you proceed with booking your conference fee, you should "order as guest".
After booking, do not forget to print your 'ticket' as a receipt for your conference fee.


Decided to have ONLINE-only format

Update 2021-02-08:
The still unsure COVID situation forced us to decide for an online-only format.

Re-launch as Jets 2021 in hybrid form

Update 2020-07-31:
The new date for our conference Jets 2021 is now June 14-18, 2021. 

Cancellation of Jets 2020 due to COVID-19

Update 2020-03-21:
The global crisis with regard to the pandemic COVID-19 has now forced us to cancel the conference and postpone it to June 2021. 


The full program will be uploaded in April 2021

We are lucky to be able to tell that all of our invited speakers from last year have agreed to join the conference again. While we had planned for a few invited reviews, our main emphasis is to offer a platform in particular for young scientists.
Considering the current situation of COVID, we may have to restrict the number of in person participants depending on the regulations at that time, space availablity and other logistics. But, as a positive aspect of COVID-19, we may then have even many more participants - attending online.

Ideally, we would like to stress upon the fact to have more panel discussion sessions involving young scientists that will lead the community in the next phase. Also, we wish to have poster session to be flash talks rather than the conventional display of poster on boards as it will give young colleagues a unique opportunity to showcase their research.


Conference poster: download from here, or here: