This webpage provides information for the 14th Heidelberg Summer School organized by the

International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics
at the University of Heidelberg (IMPRS-HD).

The topic of the Heidelberg Summer School 2019 is

Instrumentation for Ground-based
                    Optical and Infrared Astronomy.

The school will take place September 9-13, 2019 at the "Mathematikon", INF 205, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany.

The summer school is open to graduate students and junior postdocs working in astronomy anywhere in the world.

Please, follow the links below to obtain further information about how to apply for participation, how to arrange for accomodation and more ...

Application deadline is July 1, 2019

This school is the 14th in a series of Summer Schools with the previous topics:

2019: Instrumentation for Ground-based Optical and Infrared Astronomy,     2018: Gaia data and science,     2017: Compact Objects & Gravitational Waves,     2016: Astrostatistics and Data Mining,
2015: Dynamics of the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation,   2014: Frontiers of Stellar Structure & Evolution,
2013: High Energy Astrophysics,     2012: Computational Astrophysics,
2011: Characterizing Exoplanets - from Formation to Atmospheres,     2010: First Stars and Cosmic Reionization,
2009: Statistical Inferences from Astrophysical Data,     2008: The Art & Craft of Astronomical Instrumentation,
2007: The Milky Way Galaxy,     and   2006: The Physics of the Interstellar Medium.

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