This webpage provides information for the 6th Heidelberg Summer School with the topic on

Characterizing exoplanets - from formation to atmospheres.


IMPRS for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics at the University of Heidelberg:
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, Landessternwarte Koenigstuhl, and
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies.


Willy Benz, University of Bern
Peter Hauschildt, University of Hamburg
Anders Johansen, Lund Observatory
Lisa Kaltenegger, MPI for Astronomy, Heidelberg
Stephane Udry, Observatory of Geneva

When & where:
The 6th Heidelberg Summer School will take place August 1-5, 2011 at the "Max Planck Haus" (Max Planck House) in Heidelberg, Germany:

Scope of the School:

The goals of the IMPRS Summer Schools are to:
- bring together research students of various fields for discussion and exchange of ideas;
- encourage young researchers and advanced students to continue research in these fields; and
- strengthen future interdisciplinary research in these areas;

The focus of this school was to link current observations and theory from formation and detection of planets to explore their atmosphere and characterizing habitable environments. It will highlight the newest results in extra solar planet search in a cross-disciplinary environment, discuss different formation scenarios and observables, recently discovered Super-Earths to potential habitability of rocky planets in a very interactve environment.

School format:

The IMPRS Summer School has three major components:

(1) The lecturing program on general issues is taught by our invited lecturers Willy Benz, Peter Hauschildt, Anders Johansen, Lisa Kaltenegger, and Stephane Udry.
(2) A few presentations on specific scientific applications will be given by scientists from Heidelberg institutes.
(3) A social program intended to provide a pleasent and relaxed atmosphere for fruitful scientific discussion between all participants.

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