EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Feedback: the impact of supernovae remnants and HII regions

Patrick Hennebelle
CEA, Paris, FR
One major issue in our understanding of the star formation process is how to limit the collapse of giant molecular clouds, that is to say explain the star formation efficiency of about 5-10% inferred from observations. The most promising mechanism to accomplish this is the feedback due to the massive stars. How this may exactly works however remains uncertain. In the talk I will present a series of studies aiming to precisely quantify the influence of HII regions and supernovae explosions arising in molecular clouds or in their neighborhood. In particular, I will argue that the exact influence of the feedback depends sensitively on the correlation between the massive stars and the dense gas leading to large uncertainties.
Samuel Geen, CEA, FR
Olivier Iffrig, CEA, FR
Pascal Tremblin, CEA, FR
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Suggested Session: Stellar Feedback