Our MPIA astrochemistry group was a part of the Initial Training Network (ITN) that brought together Europe's leading research groups engaged in the study of one of the most topical areas of modern astronomical research - the role of the gas-grain interaction in the evolution of the Universe - combining with 7 micro, small and medium- sized enterprises (MSME) from across Europe to provide a unique interdisciplinary and intersectorial training environment. The ITN's members have an outstanding track record in training both Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and Experienced Researchers (ERs) in a wide variety of skills and knowledge transfer covering both fundamental and applied physical sciences. A more detailed description of the "LASSIE" network and research goals is available.

The LASSIE PhD project of our former student, Tobias Albertsson, was devoted to the development of a new isotopic fractionation network, including nuclear spin-state exchange processes. This comprehensive model was applied to study deuterium chemistry in the interstellar medium and the early solar system (prior to the formation of planets). The results of these studies are reported in several refereed papers and are the sections of his PhD thesis.

Updated: 03 March 2015 by Dmitry A. Semenov