Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 2K060

Fundamental Parameters and Habitable Zones of Exoplanet Host Stars

von Braun, Kaspar (MPIA)
Boyajian, Tabetha (Yale)
van Belle, Gerard (Lowell)
Kane, Stephen (Caltech)
Kaltenegger, Lisa (MPIA)
Rugheimer, Sarah (MPIA)
Miguel, Yamila (MPIA)
Jones, Jeremy (Georgia State)
Ciardi, David (Caltech)
Lopez-Morales, Mercedes (CfA)

The assessment of whether liquid water can exist on the surface of an extrasolar planet, or indeed whether suitable conditions for habitability may exist, is primarily dependent on stellar astrophysical parameters. The star is the primary energy source of the system and influences every stage of planetary formation and evolution. Our interferometric survey of nearby exoplanet host stars with the CHARA Array produces angular radii of these stars. Coupled with literature photometry, SED fitting, and trigonometric parallaxes, we can furthermore directly determine stellar surface temperature and thus luminosity. We show recent results from our survey and discuss what they imply with respect to habitable zones of extrasolar planetary systems.

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