Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 2K053

A new scenario for the origin of the 3/2 resonant system HD45364

Correa-Otto, Jorge (IAG-USP)
Michtchenko, Tatiana (IAG-USP)
Beauge, Cristian (IATE-UNC-CONICET)

In this paper we revise the model proposed by Rein et al. (2010) for the origin of the HD45364 exoplanetary system, currently known to host two planets locked in a 3/2 mean-motion commensurability (MMR). We show that, due to high surface density of the protoplanetary disk needed for Type III migration, such a process could only lead to planets in a quasi-resonant regime of motion, and thus not consistent with the motion of the real system. Here we present a different scenario; it includes an interaction between different (but slower) planetary migration types. The outcomes of our simulations are able to reproduce very closely the 3/2 resonant dynamics obtained from the best-fit presented by Correia et al. (2009). We also analyze the structure of the ph ase space in the vicinity of the 3/2 MMR employing a semi-analytical Hamiltonian model.

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