Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 2G024

Young Brown Dwarfs as Giant Exoplanets

Faherty, Jacqueline (Universidad de Chile/AMNH)
Cruz, Kelle (Hunter college/AMNH)
Rice, Emily (College of Staten Island/AMNH)
Riedel, Adric (Hunter college/AMNH)

Young brown dwarfs and directly-imaged exoplanets have enticingly similar photometric, spectroscopic, and luminosity characteristics, indicating that their cool, low gravity atmospheres should be studied in concert. We have identified, confirmed, and characterized several new young M and L type brown dwarfs (see Faherty et al. 2013) and compared them to directly-imaged planetary mass companions and exoplanets like 2MASS 1207b and HR8799b. Similarities between the peculiar shaped H band and location on near-IR color magnitude diagrams provide important clues about how to extract physical properties of planets from current brown dwarf observations. In this poster I present a sample of age-calibrated young brown dwarfs that form the basis for comparative brown-dwarf exoplanet studies

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