Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 2B086

Two fluid gas and dust mixtures in SPH

Loren-Aguilar, Pablo (University of Exeter)
Bate, Matthew R. (University of Exeter)

One of the most challenging aspects of numerical simula3ons of dust and gas mixtures is the o6en enormous difference between gas and dust evolu3onary 3me scales. Whenever the dust stopping 3me becomes much smaller than the gas evolu3onary 3me scale, explicit/ implicit integra3on schemes require an excessively large number of 3me-steps, and none of the previous SPH schemes in the two fluid approach (Monaghan & Kocharyan 1995 and 1997; Maddison, Humble & Murray 2003; Rice et al. 2004; Barriere-Fouchet et al. 2005, Laibe & Price 2012) have addressed this problem. In the present work, a method to avoid the 3me integra3on of the small dusty grains evolu3on equa3ons, in the Smoothed Par3cle Hydrodynamics (SPH) two fluid approach is proposed. By assuming a very simple exponen3al decay model for the rela3ve velocity between the gas and dust components, all the effec3ve characteris3cs of the drag force can be reproduced. Taking as a reference the recent work of Laibe & Price (2011/12) a series of tests have been performed in order to compare the accuracy of the present method with a standard integra3on method.

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