Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 2B007

Signs of Planetary Formation in the Disk of HD169142

Osorio, M. (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
Anglada, G. (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
Carrasco-Gonzalez, C. (CRyA-UNAM, Mexico)
Torrelles, J. M. ((ICE-CSIC/UB, Spain)
D\'Alessio, P. (CRyA-UNAM, Mexico)
Rodriguez, L. F. (CRyA-UNAM, Mexico)
Calvet , N. (U. Michigan, USA)
Gomez, J. F. (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
Mayén-Gijón, J. M. (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
Dent, W. (ALMA, Chile)

We present 7mm continuum observations at subarcsecond angular resolution, as well as detailed modeling of the disk surrounding the nearby Herbig AeBe star HD 169142. Our modeling of the SED indicates that the system is in an advanced stage of evolution, in which infall and outflow processes have almost halted, and the dust particles have begun to coagulate and settle towards the disk mid-plane to eventually form planetesimals. Our high angular resolution (0.\"15) VLA observations reveal a region of enhanced 7mm emission with internal substructure, with several local emission peaks at radii 20-40 AU. We interpret these features as signs of planetary formation.

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