Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1K059

Emission from MHD Simulations of YSO Jets using AstroBEAR2.0

Hansen, Edward (University of Rochester)
Frank, Adam (University of Rochester)
Hartigan, Pat (Rice University)

These simulations are two-dimensional axisymmetric jets. They are based on those done by de Colle and Raga [1], The jets are pulsed via a sinusoidally time-dependent ejection velocity. A complicated structure of internal shocks and rarefactions is formed by the pulsations. The field inside these jets is purely toroidal. We have implemented hydrogen and helium ionization and recombination which enables us to produce and analyze emission maps of Hα and [S II]. Strong Hα emission typically marks shock fronts and strong [S II] emission occurs inside cooling regions behind shocks. Furthermore, an increase in field strength shows an increase in shock velocities, clump densities, and jet collimation. Simulations such as these are important to our understanding of observations of HH objects, and the ultimate goal is to develop a set of emission line diagnostics to measure magnetic field strength.

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