Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1K058

Time-Series Position-Velocity Diagrams of the Jet and Low-Velocity Components in HH444

Hartigan, Patrick (Rice University)
Jones, Sharad (Rice University)
Frank, Adam (University of Rochester)
Lebedev, Sergey (Imperial College of London)
Ray, Tom (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

HH 444 is a collimated YSO jet in Orion notable for a well-defined low-velocity component that merges with a high-velocity component a few arcseconds away from the source. A high-quality position-velocity diagram taken in 2000 (Andrews et al. 2004) shows both the jet and the low-velocity component in the red lines of [S∼II], Hα and [N∼II]. In this poster we report new Keck observations of the system taken a decade later with the same spectrograph but a larger detector. Enough time has now passed since the previous observations to allow us to track proper motions, and thereby learn which features in the position-velocity map of the jet evolve dynamically, and which are static. The new CCD makes more line ratios and diagnostics possible as well. These data represent the most through exploration of the phase space of stellar jets to date, and include temporal, spatial, and radial velocity data for each point in the flow. The new spectra show how jets evolve with time as they emerge from accretion disks.

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