Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1K055

SMA millimeter line observations of the chemical active outflow in DR21(OH)

Hernández, Antonio (CRyA-UNAM)
Orozco, María Teresa (CRyA-UNAM)
Zapata, Luis (CRyA-UNAM)

We present archival millimeter observations made with the Submillimeter Array of the east-west outflow in DR21(OH). We report the detection of the lines such as H13CO, HC3N and CH3OH toward the outflow. These lines show morphological differences between each other, likely because of its excitation conditions. We discuss some possibilities to explain this phenomenon. Finally, our continuum images together with the maps of molecular emission from the outflow suggest that the source called SMA 4 could be indeed its exciting source.

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