Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1K051

Detection of the bullet-like SiO jet and dense CH3CN envelope around the high mass protostellar object G353.273+0.641

Motogi, Kazuhito (Yamaguchi University)
Sugiyama, Koichiro (Yamaguchi University)
Walsh, Andrew, J (Curtin University)
Niinuma, Kotaro (Yamaguchi University)
Sorai, Kazuo (Hokkaido University)
Honma, Mareki (NAOJ)
Hirota, Tomoya (NAOJ)
Yonekura, Yoshinori (Ibaraki University)
Fujisawa, Kenta (Yamaguchi University)

We report on the millimeter observations towards the high mass protostellar object, G353.273+0.641 that is a candidate of a pole-on disk-jet system, and known to be the host of singular blue-shift dominated SiO jet. Our first imaging observations have shown that the SiO jet consists of point-like bullets. The hot (~230 K) rotation temperature of the bullet and its short dynamical time (360 yr) suggest that this extremely high-velocity molecular jet traces the innermost mass-loss activity. The SiO column density is very high (4 x 10^15 cm^-2), suggesting the large outflow rate and/or high SiO abundance. We also detected warm (~115 K) and compact (< 2500 AU in radius) CH3CN core that is probably tracing a face-on disk with dense envelope. The CH3CN core is well optically thick and the H2 column density is estimated to be higher than 10^24 cm^-2. We are now planning the further high-resolution observation with the ALMA.

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