Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1H036

Grain growth in the envelopes of Class I protostars

Miotello, Anna (Leiden Observatory/MPE Garching/ESO/University of Milan)
Testi , Leonardo (ESO/INAF-Arcetri/Excellence Cluster Universe)
Lodato, Giuseppe (University of Milan)
Ricci, Luca (CALTECH)
Rosotti, Giovanni (MPE Garching/Excellence Cluster Universe)
Brooks, Kate (ATNF)
Maury , Anaelle (CfA)
Natta , Antonella (INAF-Arcetri/DIAS)

Many observational results (e.g. Ricci et al. 2010) indicate that nearly all the protoplanetary disks in the Class II phase contain mm- and cm-sized grains showing that the formation of these large particles is a fast process which begins during previous evolutionary stages. Pagani et al. (2011) have shown that micron-sized grains are already present in prestellar cores, while mm-sized particles have been detected in Class 0 YSOs (Chiang et al. 2012). The aim of this work is to constrain the level of grain growth in Class I YSOs, where the contribution of the envelope emission can be separated by the disk one, using mm-interferometry. We find evidence of mm-sized pebbles already formed in the envelopes, which may set new initial condition to the grain growth process in the protoplanetary disks. From our modeling procedure we conclude moreover that the embedded disks are possibly very compact.

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