Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1B081

Radio Mapping Observation of L1521F Using HCN(J=1-0) L

Sohn, Jungjoo (Korea National University of Education, S. KOREA)
Lee, Chang Won (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, S. KOREA)
Kim, Shinyoung (Korea National University of Education, S. KOREA)

We investigate the kinematical properties of the L1521F-IRS in Taurus Molecular Cloud region using observations in HCN(J=1-0) hyperfine lines. 12m telescope of Arizona Radio Observatory was used. Observing coverage is about 3.7’×3.7’ area around the center of the target with 5×5 grid mapping. L1521F which harbors the faint infrared L1521F-IRS, displays a strong central concentration of integrated intensity in HCN without serious molecular depletion. We find that blue asymmetric and red asymmetric profiles are distributed in East-West direction, and that this distribution of HCN line profiles is well coincident with the conic shape of the Spitzer’s image of L1521F-IRS, confirming the existence of gaseous bipolar outflows emanating from L1521F-IRS.

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