Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

Poster 1B005

Simultaneous water and class I methanol maser surveys of class II methanol maser sources

Kang, Hyunwoo (KASI)
Kim, Kee-Tae (KASI)

We have conducted simultaneous surveys of 22GHz water maser and Class I 44GHz and 95GHz methanol masers toward 148 Class II 6.7GHz methanol maser sources using KVN (Korean VLBI Network) 21m telescopes. The sample consists of 77 sources of the Arecibo methanol maser Galactic plane survey (AMGPS, Pandian et al. 2007) and 71 sources of the Methanol multibeam (MMB) survey (Caswell et al. 2010; Green et al., 2010). We detected water maser emission in 85 sources (57%), 44GHz methanol maser emission in 81 sources (55%), 95GHz methanol maser emission in 72 sources (49%). Forty nine sources (33%) show both water and 44GHz methanol masers. 95GHz methanol maser emission was almost detected in 44GHz methanol maser-detected sources. The two Class I methanol masers have strong correlations with each other in velocity, flux density, and line shape, while they do not show any significant correlation with water and 6.7GHz Class II methanol masers. In this poster we will present the main results of our surveys and discuss the implications.

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