Dr. Jörg-Uwe Pott


The recognition of one's absolute freedom of choice is the fundamental condition for authentic human existence. (or: how to do philosophy in a beach bar...)


My name is Jörg-Uwe Pott, and I am a staff member in the Galaxies and Cosmology department at the Max Planck Insitute for Astronomy.


I am interested in black holes, in particular in the astrophysics of black hole environments, and how they are related to galaxy evolution. The research in my group focuses to equal amounts on the classical three aspects of observational astronomy, which need to be developed in close interaction to successfully push the limits of astronomy and astrophysics to new horizons:

  • Data analysis and interpretation
    We mostly observe active galactic nuclei (short: AGN) at highest angular resolution to reveal their basic physical properties, typically on linear scales between 10 mpc and 10 pc.
  • Development of new observational strategies
    Focus lies on high-angular resolution instrumentation and related observing strategies. This means in particular using modern infrared interferometers, like the VLTI, the LBT, and Keck-IF, typically in combination with adaptive optics technology.
  • Building instrumentation
    Vibration sensing and development of related control strategies to improve the sensitivity of our cameras is a currently hot topic for us. We are directly involved in major instrumentation initiatives (LBT/LINC-NIRVANA, E-ELT/MICADO, VLTI/MATISSE), which will typically deliver a 10x higher resolution (sharpness of the image) than todays ground- or space-based instruments.

Find here a recent talk, in which some more details on our work are presented: ppt

Group members

  • Kirsten Schnuelle (PhD)
  • Iva Karovicova (postdoc)
  • Michael Böhm (PhD in collaboration with ISYS, Uni. Stuttgart)
  • Alexander Keck (PhD in collaboration with ISYS, Uni. Stuttgart)
  • Fu Qiang (MPG-CAS graduate studentship)

  • associated group members
  • Andre Müller (PhD)

  • former group members
  • Leonard Burtscher (associated postdoc)

Some random information about high resolution techniques

  • German radio contribution about interferometry of YSO disks link
  • Open positions

    Funded graduate or post-graduate job openings will be posted in AAS, when available.
    Additionally, individual stipends and fellowships to support your graduate and postgraduate research project are available from DFG, Humbold-Gesellschaft, and the Marie-Curie Fellowships of the European Union.
    Bachelor- and Masterprojects both in astronomy and related engineering disciplines are possible, in collaboration with your university and within the above research scope of my group.

    If you are interested, please contact me, with a brief CV, and description of your research ideas.


    My former employers:

    For undergraduate and graduate studies:
    • Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckart's group at I. Physikalisches Institut, University of Cologne, Germany
    • Dr. Andreas Glindemann at the VLTI group, at ESO headquarters, Garching bei München, Germany
    During postdoc years:
    other interesting links: Aladdin

    Contact me

    Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
    Königstuhl 17
    69117 Heidelberg

    Email: jpott at mpia.de
    Phone: +49 (0)6221-528 202