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Last modified: 05.03.2010
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Service to the community


Current duties

PANIC: I'm a member of the Science Team of the future wide-field, near-infrared imager PANIC being built by MPIA and IAA for the Calar Alto 2.2m and 3.5m telescopes. I also contributed to the original proposal.

Pan-STARRS1 Science and Policy Committee: I'm a member of the body in charge of arbitrating potential conflicts within PS1.

Pan-STARRS1 Key Project Assessment Team: I'm a member of this body in charge of assessing the PS1 system quality. I represent the key project #3: "Low-mass stars, brown dwarfs and young stellar objects".

Pan-STARRS1 coordinator @ MPIA: I'm coordinating MPIA-wide PS1 activities.

UKIDSS coordinator @ MPIA: I'm coordinating UKIDSS access for MPIA.

Former duties

Calar Alto TAC: I was a member of the Calar Alto Time Allocation Committee, for six semesters.