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Last modified: 22.03.2010
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VVV: VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea
Useful links

Some projects mentioned in my web site are linked below:


KP3 white paper (public)
PS1 Wiki @ IfA (protected)
KP3 Wiki @ IfA (protected)
PS1 Wiki @ MPIA (protected)
PS1 Wiki @ MPE (protected)
KP3 Cool object Google group (protected)

WSA: WFCam Science Archive in Edinburgh
WSA administration (protected)

VHS: VISTA Hemispheric Survey (wiki)
All VISTA survey wiki
VVV: VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea

Observatories and instrumentation

Other collaboration pages

CarolusV: cluster mass function

EROS: microlensing collaboration

Catalogues and libraries

dwarfs archive
IRTF/SpeX spectral libraries at USCD and at IfA
VLM binaries
Catalogo of M, L and T dwarfs