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Last modified: 23.01.2012
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Along the course of my research I have gathered homogeneous measurements of somewhat large samples of brown dwarfs. These samples have been collected with a unique instrument and instrument configuration, and designed to get similar signal-to-noise ratios, as much as possible.

I'm using the powerful Large Survey Database (LSD) framework created by Mario Jurić while at CfA. This Python-based database maintenance and query system allows to quickly ingest, match, and build SQL-type fast queries of large catalogues. I ingested 2MASS, PPMXL, CMC14 and WISE PDR. The resulting tables are available on this protected page (ask me for password).

X-shooter spectroscopy

X-shooter is a simultaneous UV, optical and near-infrared echelle spectrograph (300 to 2500nm) mounted on the UT2 of the ESO VLT in Cerro Paranal, Chile. We have been granted time to collect an exquisite homogeneous sample of about 50 nearby brown dwarfs of various spectral types.

The observations and analysis are on-going, and in a few months we'll publish the spectra and results here.

Multi-band GROND photometry

GROND is a seven-band (grizJHK) simultaneous wide-field imager mounted on the ESO/MPG 2.2m telescope in La Silla, Chile. Over the course of my search for cool brown dwarfs, my collaborators and I have gathered GROND observations of many UKIDSS candidates (confirmed or not [yet] confirmed) and known brown dwarfs.The GROND photometric system is close to the SDSS and 2MASS systems. The calibration and data analysis are on-going, and when the current data are ready for publications I'll list the GROND and SDSS+2MASS/UKIDSS photometry and astrometry here.