MPIA Postdoctoral Researcher (non permanent)

Dr. Ludmila Carone  
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Königstuhl 17
D69117 Heidelberg/Germany
Status: Postdoctoral researcher
Office: 308/03
Phone: 0049 (0)6221 528 – 219
E-Mail: carone at mpia dot de
Magma ocean modelling of young (10-100 Myrs) rocky planets Barth, Carone et al. 2020
Impact of interior on temperate to very hot extrasolar gas planets (700 -2500 K) Carone et al. 2020
Observations with Hubble Space Telescope Carone et al. 2021
Impact of 3D circulation on chemistry of 3D atmospheres (gas planet characterization) (Baeyens et al. 2021, in review)
Co-Supervision with Prof. Leen Decin and Uffe Jorgensen since 9/2020: PhD Aaron Schneider- Impact of interior in radiation and circulation in 3D hot Jupiters - CHAMELEON
Co-Supervision with Prof. Uffe Jorgensen and Dr. Christiane Helling since 9/2020: Sven Kiefer - Efficient cloud modelling in 3D hot Jupiters - CHAMELEON
Co-Supervision with Prof. Leen Decin since 9/2017: PhD Robin Baeyens- Disequilibrium chemistry in 3D hot Jupiters - KU Leuven, Astronomy
9/2019 -2/2020: Bachelor thesis Annika Oetjens (with Maria Bergemann): Tidal spin-up of metal-poor stars by a massive planet - MPIA (Oetjens, Carone et al. 2020)
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Verantwortlich / Responsible: Ludmila, Carone
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