Sternentstehung - Star Formation

Covid-19: Due to the pandemic situation, we just received the news that the month of November will be
                  online-only teaching. The corresponding zoom connection for this star formation lecture is:

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                  (We hope that December will allow for a hybrid mode with in-person and online-teaching
                  simultaneously. But this will be decided at a later point. We will keep you posted.)

Lecture in winter term 2020/2021, 2SWS

Henrik Beuther, Thomas Henning & Suemeyye Suri

Tuesdays 9:15, Start 3.11.2020, Philosophenweg 12, grosser Hoersaal (gHS)

The lecture will be given in English.

Registration: To register for the lecture, please either visit register or send an email directly to "beuther at".

Required credit points can be obtained at the end of the term via oral examinations.

Literature: Steven Stahler & Francesco Palla: The Formation of Stars, Wiley-VCH 2004

Tentative Schedule:

03.11  Introduction and overview                                (Beuther, pdf)
10.11  Physical processes I                                        (Beuther, pdf)
Physical processes II                                       (Beuther, pdf)
24.11  Molecular clouds as birth places of stars         (Suri, pdf)
01.12  Molecular clouds (cont.), Jeans anlysis           (Suri, pdf)
08.12  Collapse models I                                            (Henning, pdf)
15.12  Collapse models II                                           (Henning, pdf)

12.01 Protostellar evolution                                        (Beuther, pdf)
19.01 Pre-main sequence ev. and outflows/jets         (Beuther, pdf
26.01 Accretion disks  I                                              (Henning, pdf)
02.02 Accretion disks II                                              (Henning, pdf1 pdf2)    
09.02 High-mass star formation, clusters & IMF        (Suri, pdf)
16.02 Extragalactic star formation                              (Henning, pdf)
23.02 Examination week, no star formation lecture