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I am a research staff scientist working at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg, Germany. My research topics include the discovery of black holes in the early Universe, the characterisation of the galaxies hosting these distant black holes, the Epoch of Reionisation and the galaxy environment of active galaxies.

We recently discovered the most distant quasar currently known and its host galaxy! Here is a press release describing our discovery which is published in Nature and ApJ Letters.

My research is described in more detail here , or look at my publication list and cv.

Contact information:

Email: venemans "at"
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, office 218
Tel: +49 6221 528247

Selection of recent publications (full list here; link to ADS):

An 800 million solar mass black hole in a significantly neutral universe at redshift 7.5
E. Bañados, B. P. Venemans , C. Mazzuccelli et al. 2018, Nature 553, 473 (ADS; arXiv; press release)

Copious Amounts of Dust and Gas in a z = 7.5 Quasar Host Galaxy
B. P. Venemans , F. Walter, R. Decarli et al. 2017, ApJL 851, L8 (ADS; arXiv; press release)

Molecular gas in three redshift 7 quasar host galaxies
B. P. Venemans , F. Walter, R. Decarli et al. 2017, ApJ 845, 154 (ADS; arXiv)

The compact, ~1 kpc host galaxy of a quasar at z=7.1
B. P. Venemans , F. Walter, R. Decarli et al. 2017, ApJ 837, 146 (ADS; arXiv)

The Pan-STARRS1 distant z > 5.6 quasar survey: more than 100 quasars within the first Gyr of the universe
E. Bañados, B. P. Venemans , R. Decarli et al. 2016, ApJS 227, 11 (ADS; arXiv)

Bright [CII] and dust emission in three z > 6.6 quasar host galaxies observed by ALMA
B. P. Venemans , F. Walter, L. Zschaechner et al. 2016, ApJ 816, 37 (ADS; arXiv)





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