Construction site of Heidelberg's Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach

Construction site of Heidelberg's new Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach

Image Credit & Copyright:: Markus Pössel, Haus der Astronomie/Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach, Heidelberg

The Haus der Astronomie (literally "House of Astronomy") is a newly founded Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach in Heidelberg, Germany. Its galaxy-shaped building, modeled after M51 will house a digital planetarium seating 100 as well as meeting rooms, exhibition space, offices and workshops. The building is a gift by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, one of the center's founding partners, and was designed by architectural firm Bernhardt + Partner. The center is operated by the Max Planck Society; additional partners are Heidelberg University and the City of Heidelberg. Top left is the main building of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy; the photographer is standing on a concrete bucket suspended from the blue tower crane (additional images here).