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Here is the preliminary schedule for the workshop. Of course we are flexible if e.g. bad weather postpones our planned recreational activities.

Monday, 25 May

04:00pm Martin Hennemann High-mass star birth
04:20pm Jan Pitann Infrared spectra of massive protostars
04:40pm coffee break
05:00pm Tessel v.d.Laan Detection of a molecular gas torus in NGC 6951
05:20pm Rory Holmes MPIA's contribution to the Dune Euclid IDEM IDECS Euclid Dune (?) Spacecraft

Tuesday, 26 May

09:00am Claudia Conrad Transit Search for extrasolar Planets in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
09:20am Natalie Raettig Particle Accretion onto Planetary Embryos
09:40am Andreas Schruba Where is the dust in low metallicity galaxies?
10:00am coffee break
10:20am Anton Vasyunin tbd
10:40am Bernhard Sturm Transit Search for extrasolar Planets in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Wednesday, 27 May

09:00am Mathias Zechmeister Planet search around M dwarfs with UVES
09:20am Oliver Porth Relativistic jet collimation
09:40am Joachim Bestenlehner Infrared Data Reduction (Eclipse, Dimsum and IDL) and Photometry of crowded fields and star fields
10:00am coffee break
10:20am Mario Flock About the convergence of turbulence in global 3D MHD simulations of proto-planetary disks
10:40am Markus Schmalzl Not just a NICER Taurus extinction map

Thursday, 28 May

10:00am Natalia Kudryavtseva Analytical representation of Pluto ephemeris
10:20am Eva Meyer Deriving the true mass of an unresolved Brown Dwarf companion by AO aided astrometry
10:40am Marc-Andre Besel Mid- and Far-Infrared Observations of post-AGB objects with Spitzer
11:00am coffee break
11:20am Sylvain Marsat Search for cool brown dwarfs with methane absorption
11:40am Carolin Schnupp First view on Lucifer comissioning data of starburst galaxy NGC1569
12:00pm lunch break
01:00pm Til Birnstiel Evolution of gas and dust in protoplanetary disks
01:20pm Frank Dettenrieder Correlated particle clouds in protoplanetary disks
01:40pm Steve Boudreault Optical and near-infrared survey of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in open clusters
01:20pm - informal discussion about the workshop
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