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What to do with our spare time???

Tuesday: Trip to Gouda

The home of famous Gouda cheese is only 30Km away. We will see the city and of course visit the Cheese Museum.
This is the good and bad weather option.
Transportation: Best thing is to get 5 people to bike to Woerden and from there the train. We can get bicycles from the house.
All lazy people take the car.

Wednesday: Free afternoon

This is spare-time2, some might want to go to the beach, while others could 'work'.
Unfortunately we don't have enough cars to get everyone to the beach.
Also the lake is fine to walk around.

Thursday: Canoe(!!), Niewkoop

If the weather allows it, we can rent (Canadian) Canoes which fit for four persons each. Renting place is in Niewkoop, which is 3.5Km away. Bring spare dry clothing!

Bad weather option is just to see the City of Niewkoop, which has some things to offer:

  • Smithing Museum
  • Tower
Transportation: In principle we can walk to Niewkoop. Some may take the car if necessary.

What to bring if we have even more spare time?

Everybody could bring:

  • Bring second pair of shoes for canoeing
  • Blanket for beach
  • Funny (card) games
  • Swimming suits
  • Good movie

Things we only need once:

  • Handball -> Eva?
  • Soccerball -> Joachim?
  • Viking Game -> Andreas?
  • Frisbee -> olli

Money issue

The trips cost alltogether no more than 40 EUR. Be prepared to pay on the spot, as last time getting the money afterwards was big trouble for the people who payed for the whole group.
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