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What is the "MPIA Students Workshop"?

The Students Workshop is organised by MPIA students for MPIA students. It is mainly funded by the Patzer foundation and takes place once a year at a different location.

Why do we have a students' workshop?

The idea of this workshop is to bring together MPIA's students so that they get to know each other. Every participant is asked to give a talk about his or her project. In the last years we also had some special talks given by participants about different general scientific subjects as well as job possibilities and soft skills. Aims of the workshop are to practice giving talks in a relaxed atmosphere, learning about other astronomic subjects from the fellow students and socialize with the other students. Alongside the scientific part there is always a social part which includes cooking together, having excursions and so on.

What do I have to pay?

The workshop is supported by the Patzer foundation (pages of the Patzer fund) which covers all the accomodation and travel costs. The students only have to pay for food and any recreational activities.

What do I have to do when I attend the workshop?

Every students has to give a short talk (~15 Min) about his research topic. Also every students is asked to help with the activities such as cooking, cleaning and dish washing.

How long does a workshop last?

The workshop is divided in a so called "official part" and an "unofficial part". The first one lasts basically 5 days and is the time where all the talks are given. In general there are around 6-8 talks per day which leaves plenty of free time (mainly in the afternoon to do some recreational activities - e.g. joint tours to some sights nearby). After the official part you can go home or join the unofficial part which is a 2 days extension at your own costs, e.g. at a town nearby.

What is the director's opinion on this workshop?

Both directors fully support this students workshop as it is a very good opportunity to get to know each other and to learn how to give a scientific talk. You do not have to have any hard feelings if you tell your supervisor that you will be away for one week :)

Who can attend the workshop?

The workshop is meant for students and young Post-Docs which were MPIA students and have just graduated (although preference will be given to students). Post Docs are asked to give special talks (e.g. about the bureaucratic and astronomical obstacles before graduation).

Organisational Issues

I leave this here for future workshops....

List of prerequisites

The choice of accomodation is not easy. It should...

  • ... host 20 people or more
  • ... be payed on a per person basis (unless its <20-22 people, then it's OK to pay full)
  • ... be around 10 EUR per person per night, ~70-80 EUR per person per week
  • ... have access to public transport
  • ... have Internet access
  • ... have a large, equipped kitchen
  • ... have Blankets, pillow a.s.o. at hand
  • ... have shops around
  • ... be available from ....

A nice web page to have a first overview.

The workshop should not collide with:

  • important conferences where many students might got to
  • ESO Deadline (twice per year, usually end of March and end of September)
  • Holidays like Easter or Christmas
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